Classic With An Edge

:: What I'm Wearing ::

Blazer: Rag and Bone {similar save}
Tee: AC/DC {similar}
Jeans: Paige Denim {hems cut myself; similar}
Bag: Zara {under $30}
Fishnets: Nordstrom {sock version}
Shoes: Givenchy {old; similar save}

The concept of wearing hosiery isn't anything new, especially to us ladies. Growing up I didn't wear a skirt without some form of hosiery or tights but that's where I kept it as I got older. I only wore hosiery with skirts or dresses. On occasion I'd wear a fishnet knee high under some black pants for parties but I never considered taking them daytime...until now.

Fishnets have been cropping up in all the fashion mags and on style bloggers for at least a good 6-8 months now. They are being worn under everything from distressed jeans to pleated skirts and with flats to casual sneakers. While I typically am not one to jump on the trend bandwagon there are few that I feel seamlessly fit into my style and aesthetic with ease. Fishnets with flats under distressed jeans is definitely one of them. I never thought to incorporate them into my daily wear but I'm glad I did. I love that it adds edge while at the same time making it a bit more formal. 

The key with trends is to see if they work and fit seamlessly with your current style & wardrobe. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take a risk and try it...after all isn't one aspect of fashion all about having fun with your wardrobe?! You'll know almost immediately if a trend doesn't work for you so don't force it.

What do you guys think of wearing fishnets for the daytime and under jeans? With all the fun patters and designs, I think this is such a fun way to change up your outfit. You don't need stick with just fishnets, try some hosiery in lace or in different colors. I think adding a pop of color with a pale blush color fishnet with black flats would look so chic. 


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