Not Your Boyfriend's Cargo Pants

These Joie pants are seriously my new favorites. These definitely aren't the cargo pants of years past and definitely don't resemble the kind that your Dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband wears. I spotted them about six months ago and was in love after trying them on. I finally purchased them last month when they went on sale so I went ahead and also got them in black. While I don't like to stray from my jeans, these have been a nice addition to my closet. I've worn both this olive pair and the black pair multiple times already and have a gotten a few complements. So obviously they must've been good purchases, right?!  

It has been a nice change up to pull out actual pants especially since these are so soft and comfy. The cargo pocket detail is small enough to be feminine instead of utility. I love the zippered ankle especially because it's on the inside. I like that I can open the flare a bit and show off my shoes (#priorities). Also, the hem and zipper are strong enough to hold a cuff. You might wonder why I would cuff these but when I pair these with ankle boots I like to show a little bit more skin. I've had pants with ankle zippers before and when I would cuff them it would be bulky and the cuff ended up falling out. This zipper actually works to keep it cuffed; I doubt that was done on purpose but I'm not complaining.

A quick note on the sizing of these pants. I originally ordered both a 28 and 27, something I always do so I can compare size & fit. While the 28 fit great all around meaning no sucking in to button and zip or shimmying to get my legs through (I know that my skinny jean gals know what I'm talking about) within an hour of wearing them, the knees and legs started to stretch out and they began to feel looser at the waist. I hate when jeans/pants stretch out like this. So I  ended up going down to the 27. I wanted them to look fitted and remain fitted all day long so sizing down was the way to go. Yes, they felt pretty snug around the waist at first and I had to unzip the ankle to get my foot through.  But after an hour they started to give and by the end of the day they stretch a little bit but still remained nice and skinny looking.

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