Concealed Carry Miss


I still consider myself a rookie navigating the concealed carry life. It's a lifestyle that requires training, responsibility, and lots of trial & error especially when it comes to fitting this lifestyle into my current wardrobe. I have always been firm in my stance that as women we shouldn't need to sacrifice our style in order to be self-reliant. Sure, we may need to make some adjustments but overall it shouldn't be a drastic shift in wardrobe. For me, this outfit is my typical go-to look; t-shirt, jeans, and heels so of course being able to carry in this look is important for me. Unfortunately, I realized a few hours in that I wasn't comfortable carrying in it. The problem wasn't with the holster, in fact I really love this Blacksmith Tactical holster. The retention is good and allows for a quick draw. Additionally, reholstering is really smooth. My Glock 43 glides right into place without any holster manipulation. It's on the G43 rotation next to my StealthGear and Can Can Hip Hugger holsters.

Okay so back to why I wasn't comfortable carrying in really boiled down to the shirt I was wearing. It had nothing to do with the distressed holes but I think more so of the fabric. It's a bit of a thicker cotton so while it looked concealed when standing or walking the issue came when I would sit, get up, raise my arms, or go into my purse. Basically any movement that wasn't just walking or standing it seemed to cause the shirt to rest around the gun. So this meant that I was constantly fidgeting and adjusting my shirt which in turn left me feeling very self-conscious that someone might notice that i was carrying.

I've carried in t-shirts before and provided some tips for doing so but the fabric in this beloved tee wasn't working well with the holster I chose. I'll have to try my Can Can Hip Hugger holster and see if that makes any difference. The point here is that often times I read and hear about women giving up on carrying because it's doesn't work with their wardrobe. When in reality, I think they just don't want to take the time to figure out how to make it work. It takes some trial and error and there will definitely be some hits and misses. The key is not to be afraid to try it out and make the necessary adjustments. In the end it's about being able to carry with confidence which encompasses the training, the outfit, the holster, and your pistol. I'm finding it's a constant learning process but well worth being able to defend myself. 

:: Outfit Details ::

Shirt: Nordstrom {similar} | Jeans: Frame {similar} | Belt: Rag and Bone | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik {similar} | Bag: Chanel

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Holster:  BlackSmith Tactical | Belt: Rag and Bone


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