Monthly Favorites

Another month and another set of favorites. Going with a nice little mix of beauty and tactical - story of my life. I've been running a little slower this month, in terms of my energy and I'm hoping to get some rest this weekend so I'm ready to make June my b*tch. 


Caudalie Beauty Elixer: This is a toning mist that can be used prior to moisturizer to set makeup or just to refresh the skin. However, I use it before I meditate. I give my face and neck a nice overall mist then proceed out to my living room and meditate. The reason I use this while I meditate is because the smell is amazing - like being at a spa. With all that deep meditative breathing, having this to smell and inhale makes the experience more of a ritual.

Felix Gray Glasses: Not sure if you've heard of these or not but these are computer glasses. Between sitting behind a computer at work all day, at home on my laptop working on SMT, and being on my phone - I'm basically staring at some type of screen for 16+ hours a day. I've read studies on how this is so bad for your eyes. Every now and then I'll get a little headache, my eyes will feel tired, and sometimes blurry. So when I found these Felix Gray glasses, I did some research and decided to give them a try. They have a special coating on the lens to help fight glare and filter out the blue-tint that is so bad for you. My eyes don't feel strained and as tired as normal. Plus, they look cute on. I ended up going with the 'Nash' style.

SureFire Backup MV Flashight: I have a few SureFire flashlights and usually carry this one around with me. However, after going to NRA Carry Gaurd Training last month I realized I wanted a different one. During that training we did drills using a flashlight and shooting. While nothing is wrong with my original flashlight, the tailcap (on/off button) sits too far down into the beveled edge and I can't easily and quickly depress it. I found myself fumbling a little during training trying to get my thumb position correctly to turn it on. This Backup MV doesn't have a beveled edge around the tailcap so I can easily depress it which makes me feel a lot more comfortable should l need it while also using my firearm. 

Kimber Pepper Blaster: You know I'm all about having options. For you ladies that might not be interested in carrying a gun, what other tool do you have to defend yourself with? The pepper blaster is a great alternative. It's a great choice for me when I'm restricted and can't carry a firearm. At least I'm prepared with some type of self-defense tool to help me in case I need it. I also like that the frame of this is similar to that of a firearm so there's some muscle memory action that comes into play if I need to use it. However, they do make one that is not shaped like a firearm if you want that option.

Blacksmith Tactical EDC Tray: Not only did they nail the marble holster, they made a matching tray. It's amazing and beautiful. I love having a spot to throw my every day carry (EDC) tools onto when I get home. I usually keep my pocket knife, flashlight, metro card, some type of lip balm or lipstick on it along with my wallet. 

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