On The Line| No. 17

Happy Friday friends! How's it going this week? We are nearing the end of May and we might actually start getting some decent weather that doesn't involve rain.  I took yesterday off for a little me/mental health day. Just one of those days where I slept in, relaxed, and did whatever I wanted.  A day with no to-do lists, agenda's, or more importantly expectations.  Basically a day to be lazy but I don't like calling it a lazy day. By definition lazy means unwilling to work or use energy.  And this day is actually quite the opposite. I am willing to work and I do use energy, I just choose to keep more low key. There is a difference. I usually like to reserve days off for fun (hello day drinking) or to really get sh*t done but I'm realizing that mental health days are very important.  There is no expectation that is set so if something doesn't get scratched off the to-do list I'm not going to stress about it. Yes, there were a ton of things I could've & probably should've done but that type of thought was not allowed yesterday. So what did I actually do? Well..

  • Woke up at 6 am / Fed the cats, did my morning stretches, meditated, & went back to bed

  • Woke up at 10 am / Drank my morning detox water, made my morning smoothie, & checked email/social media

  • Early Afternoon / Cleaned up the kitchen, showered (extended my normally rushed shower routine...apply face mask, dry brush, exfoliate, and apply oils), and painted my toe nails

  • Late Afternoon / Relaxed on the couch, check & respond to email/social media

  • Evening / Made dinner, worked on some blog posts, and read

Sounds totally lazy, right?! Haha. It might appear lazy and seem like such a treat to some to be able to take a day like this but it's so important to show ourselves love. Honestly, it doesn't matter what you do for your mental health day as long as it is serving you in the best way possible. Today I feel much more clear headed and so appreciative of myself that I chose to take day to nurture me.

What do you think of today's On The Line words of wisdom?

Expect Nothing and Appreciate Everything. Expectation can be a dangerous thing. We set ourselves up with grandiose thoughts and typically we end up in disappointment when something doesn't go as we envision or expected. It's a great reminder to just appreciate your life, your opportunities, your choices, and to not put the added pressure of expectation on those things. Going back to my mental health day yesterday, I gave myself no expectations for the day. The day was meant to be used however I wanted and it unfolded that way. Sure, some might see it as lazy but not I. I'm more grateful and appreciative that I was able to know that I needed a day like this and to give myself that opportunity.


Around The Web

The internet is full of awesome, beautiful, and strange things; wouldn't you agree? I'm pulling my favs and sharing them with you.  I've rounded up my top loved links from stories, recipes, style, animal cuteness...basically anything and everything. Some old, some new, some you may have already seen but nonetheless something to take your mind off that daily grind.  So grab your cup of coffee or cocktail (it's never to early) and click away. Cheers.

:: Shopping, Style, & Beauty ::

  • You can get the face roller I've been snapping here. I'll tell you it's one of the best things I've ever bought. I used to use ice packs in the morning until I found this a year ago. It reduces puffiness, invigorates & wakens skin, and also helps firm it. It's also good for other parts of the body too.

  • I just order this Stem romper. It looks insanely comfy & perfect for those super hot summer days.

  • Chanel is known for their worldly destinations for their resort shows and the resort 2017 collections were only made better by their Havana, Cuba locale.

:: Tactical & Preparedness ::

  • Women's Outdoor News just launched their 'The Women's Gun Show' podcast. The podcast launches today & can't wait to listen.

  • Another win for DC gun residents, we may be able to conceal carry without 'good reason' afterall.

:: Mind, Body, & Soul ::

  • Meditation apps seem to be growing in popularity. Here a few to get you started.

  • Add these books to your summer reading list if you're an entrepreneur.

  • Some of your recent ailments but be related to a food sensitivity.

:: This, That, & Laughs ::

  • Yes, I'm a cat person but I also love dogs. I want two dogs in my future: a french bulldog & a doberman. I also follow way too many dog accounts on Instagram but how can I not, when they serve up this much cuteness. I always laugh hysterically at these videos.

  • Heading to Europe, check out these top 10 AirBnb rentals.

  • My favorite coffee roaster La Colombe just released their canned draft latte. It's a game changer.