Monthly Favorites

I'm giving new life to my Friday Favorites series that I posted last year. It's the last day of SHOT Show and it's been a crazy busy week but also super fun. Not sure if you caught the announcement on Instagram earlier in the week but Amy Robbins and I have something brewing that I hope you'll love. There will be more about that in a separate post. I've seen many new cool things that can easily become new favorites but I'm sharing a few tried and true items that are getting me through the month and keeping me on track. 


Heckler & Koch VP9SK: I mean do I even need to go into detail. I think you all know how much I love my full size Heckler and Koch VP9 so when the compact came out, it was a no brainer. I'm all about weapon continuity, something I'll talk more about in a future post. It's got all the same features of my full-size but now with the smaller compact size, it means I can carry this one concealed a lot easier. It's got a 10 round mag capacity, you can change the back and side straps, and the spare magazines also have a pinky extender so it's a great carry option for me.

Dynamis Alliance 'Crush Everything' Water Bottle: I have never been that great at ensuring I'm drinking enough water. Who is really?1 However, ever since I got this bottle it's made getting in all those ounces a lot easier. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Hydroflask bottle as it's smaller and is better for me when I'm on the go. I know I'm late to the game because these Nalgene-style water bottles have been around forever but it wasn't until I had my own that I could really appreciate them. It's 32 ounces and I drink at least two of them a day. I owe Dynamis Alliance a huge thank you for keeping me hydrated. 

The Appointed Co. 2018 Yearly Planner: Where are all my planner obsessed readers at? If I had more than two hands, they would be up in the air. I have bought and tried so many different style planners in my life from The Simplied Planner, The Erin Condren, Bullet Journaling, and anything and everything Target stocked. None of them really did it for me, I always had extra planner pads/paper to accompany them. I finally settled on a system that worked for me throughout last year but it still required a few workarounds. Then I found this monthly planner from a local DC shop. I know I might be judging things too soon considering we aren't even through the first month of 2018 yet but let me tell you, it's been keeping me on track and helping me crush my to-do list and goals so far. 

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream: Thanks to my friend Yenny from Eco Chic Beauty this is my go-to green beauty guru. She has tested and tried so many green beauty products and is always so kind when I ask her for some product recs. I needed a new winter moisturizer that was affordable. My favorite all natural winter balm by May Lindstrom comes in at almost $200, which is a bit steep. So Yenny recommended this Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream and I'm on my second jar. It's amazing. It smells amazing and is keeping my winter skin hydrated. I love that it's part balm and part cream. Balms can tend to feel a little oily on the skin and the combo makes my face feel hydrated and moisturized.

Calm Meditation App: I really try to meditate every day. It doesn't always happen and sometimes I go weeks without meditating but when I do meditate, I love the Calm App. They have a variety of program sessions for whatever you feel you might be needing extra of in your life; whether it be grounding towards happiness, insecurity,  focus, stress, sleep, relationships, or overall self-care. These guided meditations are calming and soothing. While the app is free, not all of the programs are. They have some that are free but you have to pay for a subscription. It's $60 for a year (you can even try it for $13 for a month) which I don't think is too bad especially if you plan to use it everyday. They have enough free programs to give you an idea of what you're getting before you commit.


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