Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

It's that wonderful time of year again my friends, The Mothership's aka Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale starts this week. Last year I put together several posts surrounding the #NSale and it was very well received so I'll be doing it again. For those that might be new to the sale or not sure how to go about navigating it, I want to share my tips to ensure that you can hit the ground shopping. Plus, any self-reliant girl knows that you gotta have a good game plan for anything.   

So first things first, what is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? For a limited time, The Mothership puts upcoming Fall/Winter fashions on sale along with many wear-now items. All the items are brand-new and on-trend pieces giving you the opportunity to get a jump start on next season's wardrobe. The sale isn't just for women. It includes items for men, kids, beauty, and home furnishings as well. The savings all around are too good to pass up.

The sale officially starts on July 21st. However, Nordstrom card holders (debit or credit) can get early access to shop the #NSale starting this Thursday, July 13.  You can read more about gaining early access hereThe sale ends on August 6th, which means all those Fall/Winter items you passed up will go back to full price on August 7th. While shopping early access is where it's at, use your discretion if you choose to open up a credit or debit card. Next to the designer sales that happen in May, the #NSale is pretty epic. I will tell you that many items do sell out during early access. However, I've seen many of them restocked throughout the sale but just not as timely. 

So now that you know when & what it's all about, let me share with you some tips for shopping this sale. If you received the #NSale catalog then I hope that you have already ooh'd, ahh'd, & marked all of the items you want. If so, you're already ahead of the game but if you haven't then you can sneak a preview of some items from the online catalog.  

#NSale Shopping Tips

  1. Make a List. The best way to approach this sale is to start with a list. I love a good list and I love a good shopping list even more. I like to make three lists: things I need, things I want, & designers to check out. You don't necessarily need to shop or buy from each list but it helps to stay on track & focused especially if you're working with a budget, which I also highly recommend. 

    • Things I Need: This is anything you realized last Fall/Winter that was missing from your closet and wish you had. Additionally, this is also a good time to assess your bras & panties and stock up on some fresh and new pairs.

    • Things I Want: This solely stems from what you find in the catalog or something from your lust list. It might not be practical but depending on your budget this could definitely be a great little reason to #TreatYoSelf.

    • Designers: The #NSale isn't limited in the designers offered up during the sale. There are many contemporary and higher-end designers that have items listed in the #NSale. I personally shop by designer first. Meaning, I want to see everything that Rag & Bone, AG Jeans, Rebecca Minkoff & Treasure & Bond (to name a few) have on sale. 

  2. Set a Budget. It's so easy to go a bit crazy & go overboard. By setting a budget, you can decide from your list(s) what your priorities are and possibly pick up things you need and want. With your budget in mind consider if there are any investment pieces you want to procure. The sale isn't limited to just modern designers, there are plenty of contemporary and higher-end designers that have items on sale. That Burberry trench you've been eyeing or a very similar version will most likely be part of the sale & who doesn't love picking up designer pieces on sale (#score). 

  3. Know Your Sizes. I always take a quick inventory of some of my current wardrobe items and take note of their sizes. For instance, if I know I want to get a new pair of Rag & Bone jeans, I check the size on a pair I currently own so when I go to buy them (online especially) I know which size to get.  This is also a good tip for shoes as each designer sizes their shoes a tad differently. Unfortunately, not all designers sizes are created equal. So having an idea of what size you are with these designers will make your shopping trip much more efficient.

  4. Shop Early. If you have a Nordstrom debit or credit card then definitely shop early.  Their early access opens eight days before the sale opens to the public (non-Nordstrom credit or debit card holders) which gives you the chance to scoop up sizes and items that might be limited. Have you noticed those tents inside Nordstrom leading up to the Anniversary Sale? Those hold all the coveted sale items that early access members can shop. However, if you don't have early access don't fret. Make your list and start making note of item numbers from the catalog. If online or you local store is sold out, ask your store to check if any other stores have them in stock & have it shipped to you (it's free). 

  5. Just Buy It. Okay, this really isn't a tip but more of one of my "lessons learned" when it comes to this sale. If you're hesitant on something, I suggest buying it. Take it home and try it with clothing from your own closet. You might realize you don't like it or need it and if that's the case, you can always return it. Nordstrom's return policy is awesome.  If it turns out that you do keep it, you'll be thankful because you didn't wait until after August 6th when the prices go up.  Yes, it's seems a bit odd to shop for cold weather clothing when it's 90 degrees out but your wallet & closet will be thanking you.

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From one Nordy girl to another, get that list going. I would love to know what you end up getting. Also, if you have any questions about the sale, let me know. As I mentioned I'll be doing posts on recapping some of my favorite finds, sizing tips, and much more during the entire sale. So be sure to sign-up above. Additionally, under the 'Shop' menu in the navigation you'll see a new menu item called 'Nordstrom #NSale' where you will be able to find all the posts regarding the sale in one spot.

Happy Shopping, friends.

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow for something really special. A little something from me to you. And of course, it's #NSale related.