Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites I Would Buy Again


The NSALE has landed for cardholders and before we get into today’s post, I want to share a little of my honest thoughts regarding this sale and what I’m seeing from a “blogger” perspective being true Nordy Girl.

As the YouTuber’s say, I’m gonna spill the tea so-to-speak LOL.

So I’m not sure if you follow a lot of style bloggers on social media but if you do I’m sure you are over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it’s barely even started. I don’t technically consider myself a “style blogger” as SMT is about more than just what I’m wearing. It’s about living a self-reliant lifestyle and doing it in style. So when I mentioned in my NSale Shopping Tips post that style bloggers have ruined the NSale for me, let me clarify that.

Before the style blogging bubble happened, the NSale was a special event that I looked forward to every year. I’d make a day of it, it would be a “me” day. I’d take off of work and hit the store early. Wayyy back then when I first started shopping the sale, they opened super early (like 7 am) and offered coffee and treats throughout the store. They made the shopping experience something special. After my day of shopping, I would grab dinner and cheers to a fun day. Then style bloggers started happening and basically turned the NSale into their personal cash cow buying up everything in sight and constantly plugging it all day every day so they could get their commission.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that it seems that Nordstrom might be catering their NSale items to these style bloggers. As someone who has loved Nordstrom and shopped this sale for the past ten plus years, I will say that the sale has gone down hill in terms of items that I think are worthy of buying. Yet, all the style bloggers will swear to you that you “need this” and “buy it now” because it “will sell out.” I’m not knocking them, they are all trying to run their blogs and businesses but I don’t feel that what they are “selling” is honest and authentic. And then what happens is that they all start looking the same, like clones of each other. Again, not knocking them for running their business but personally I wanted to clarify where I’m coming from and my approach to the NSale.

My intentions through the years of sharing the sale has always been to share things that I buy and actually wear. Things that I love, were on my list, and are my style. It has never been and will never be about any commissions earned on links because in full transparency, making money off affiliate links isn’t that lucrative for me and I don’t plan on shoving “stuff” in your face for the sake of a commission. Yes, people could say that I’m not running SMT to the fullest potential because I don’t push shopping like the rest of the bloggers but that’s not something I’m comfortable doing and it doesn’t feel honest to me. That’s one of the reasons I like sharing my NSale Shopping Tips each year because I don’t want you to fall into the trap of buying something because 1000 people said to. Trust me, I’ve fallen prey to thinking I wanted something because so many people said how great it was and in reality it sucked. Only YOU know what you need, want, and what your budget is. I’m here to provide you with style inspiration and outfit ideas so you can be stylish and self-reliant.

Okay, so now that my little rant is out of the way…let’s get to the actual point of this post shall we?!

I’m serious when I tell you that about 90% of my wardrobe comes from Nordstrom. A lot of the outfits and clothing items that you ask me about on SMT or on my social media channels are typically no longer available because I’ve had them for a while.

For this NSale post I wanted to share this years version and similar items for some of the items I own and love.

These are all items that if I didn’t have something similar, I would’ve bought. So I’m gonna try to post a photo of the similar item and it’s comparable/inspired version next to it. And actually, that’s not 100% correct, I did actually buy another camo jacket - this years version to last years, which I also own. LOL


Sanctuary Military Jacket {$58.90 Anniversary Sale | $89.00 After Sale} | Caslon Utility Jacket {$58.90 Anniversary Sale | $89.00 After Sale} | Rails Military Jacket {$125.90 Anniversary Sale | $188.00 After Sale} | Treasure & Bond Camo Military Jacket {$52.90 Anniversary Sale | $79.00 After Sale}


Halogen Cashmere Scarf
{$152.90 Anniversary Sale | $229.00 After Sale}


Treasure & Bond Blanket Scarf
{$52.90 Anniversary Sale | $79.00 After Sale}

Photo Mar 29, 18 00 09.jpg

Caslon Sweatshirt {$31.90 Anniversary Sale | $49.00 After Sale} | J. Crew Camo Sweater {$59.90 Anniversary Sale | $89.00 After Sale} | Caslon Baseball Tee {$18.90 Anniversary Sale | $29.00 After Sale}


BP. Longline Open Cardigan {$31.90 Anniversary Sale | $49.00 After Sale} | Halogen Long Ribbed Cardigan {$45.90 Anniversary Sale | $69.00 After Sale}