Not Your Average Gun Girls | Ep 5 | Amy & Emily

Not Your Average Gun Girls is a lifestyle podcast hosted by yours truly and Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica. We want this to be an extension of our mission and how we live our lives; self-reliant and stylish. We believe whole-heartedly that you don't have to sacrifice your style to be self-reliant and we want to encourage you to do the same. While we will be talking about guns and self-reliance we also want to keep it light and fun. We want you to feel like you are hanging out with us but also can leave with valuable information to apply to your daily lives whether it be concealed carry tips, newest beauty trends, or other lifestyle advice. 



In episode 5, get to know your hosts, Amy and Emily better in this really fun episode.  At the Heckler and Koch booth at SHOT Show 2018, the girls take a break to share their stories about growing up around guns and how they got into shooting.  Hear about why it’s a good time to be a female gun owner and how by taking on this journey to become self-reliant has led both Amy and Emily to be not only great friends, but more empowered and confident in their everyday lives.  Click the ‘play’ button below to get in on the fun now!

Thanks to Heckler & Koch for hosting Not Your Average Gun Girls at SHOT Show 2018.


Connect with Amy & Emily

Amy: @theamyrobbins | @alexoathletica

Emily: @stylemetactical

Show Notes/Items Mentioned:

Sig Sauer P365Sig Sauer Black Pearl P238 | Bite Beauty in Kir Royale


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