Not Your Average Gun Girls Launch | Ep. 1 | Hana Bilodeau

By now you should have seen seen the little ol' announcement from SHOT Show last week on Instagram that Amy Robbins and I have launched a podcast and it's ready for your listening pleasure. Woohoo! We have been talking about this since early last year and it feels surreal that it's finally happening. 

Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast

Our podcast is part of the Concealed Carry Network and we couldn't do it without the awesome guys over at We are proud to be part of their network and excited to bring an every day woman's view to the firearm podcasting community.

Not Your Average Gun Girls is a lifestyle podcast. Amy & I wanted to bring you a podcast that was an extension of our mission and how we live our lives; self-reliant and stylish. We believe whole-heartedly that you don't have to sacrifice your style to be self-reliant and we want to encourage you to do the same.

The podcast has officially launched and you can listen, subscribe, and download four of the eight episodes we have recorded. We are beyond excited. 

While a podcast has been one of my many goals for SMT, personally I was extremely nervous. I'm embarking on new territory with you guys and I'm always striving to bring the best content through whatever media outlet makes sense. Talking with you guys through the podcast takes me completely out of my comfort zone. But you know what they say, if it doesn't challenge you then it doesn't change you. And I'm all in, ready to give 110% to this podcast. 

While we will be talking about guns and self-reliance we also want to keep it light and fun. We want you to feel like you are hanging out with us but also can leave with valuable information to apply to your daily lives whether it be concealed carry tips, newest beauty trends, or other lifestyle advice. 

Your continued support of SMT and now Not Your Average Gun Girls means the world to me. I would truly love for you to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a rating/comment. Please share it with your family and friends. We want this to be a success and more importantly with the success, means we can continue to bring you more episodes, interviews, and maybe just a little bit of distraction from daily life. We plan to have episodes published every Wednesday!

A huge thanks to Concealed Carry for producing us and helping to get this launched. We had such great opportunities to record at SHOT Show being able to record at the Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Glock Inc. and HK booths. They also deserve a huge thank you for letting us set up shop in their booths to record our first eight episodes. 

In the first four episodes you are going to hear from Hana Bilodeau the only full time female instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy, Stefany Reese creator of 2ndToNone blog and PR for Springfield Armory, Michelle Viscusi who is a wife, mother and competitive shooter with Team Glock, and Alysia Burrows who is just getting her feet wet with competitive shooting.

Starting next Wednesday we will be debuting more great episodes that will include interviews from Annette Evans, a contributor at and author of the Dry Fire Workbook, Bree Warner a women's training instructor and founder of TactiGal Inc., and Carly Twisselmen host/personality of NRATV, RideTV and professional rodeo athlete.

You can listen to the first episode below. I really value your time and opinion, so I want to hear from you about what you think.  I would be so appreciative if you would subscribe to the podcast, rate it, leave a review/comment, and share it with your fellow female badasses. Additionally, I'll be publishing the new episodes here on SMT.

Oh and Not Your Average Gun Girls is also on check us out there as well.

LISTEN NOW - Episode 1: Hana Bilodeau - Sig Sauer Academy's Wonder Women

In the first episode of this exciting new podcast, Amy and Emily sit down with Hana Bilodeau from the Sig Sauer Academy for an interview while at the Sig Sauer booth at SHOT Show 2018. They talk about what it means to be a woman navigating her way through the firearms industry and the challenges women face. Hana provides her background and early habits that have made her a leading instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy. If you’re new to shooting or want to improve with training, then you need to hear what Hana has to say. Click the 'play' button below to listen to Amy, Emily, and Hana talk all things from concealed carry to firearms, training, challenges, fashion and more! Also, don't forget to subscribe.

Hana Bilodeau - Sig Sauer Academy

Connect with Hana:

Instagram: @hana.bilodeau
Sig Sauer Academy


Got a question about something you heard in the episode, send me DM on Instagram, leave it in the comments below, or send me an email.

Check out all episodes of the show here.

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