On The Line | No. 15

Some Friday's are sweeter than others aren't they?

Hello Friday! Let Me Hug You. Skipping this weeks usual On The Line words of wisdom for a sentiment that speaks to exactly how I feel about today. It's been one hell of a week. Not to bore with the mundane details of my life but I had some pretty big meetings at work this week.  Every day except today and they lasted all day long.  They had been booked for awhile and they were draining to say the least. I'm so freakin' glad they are over. I'm doing the happiness all freaking day long.  

Those meetings required super early mornings which made for long days. Then on Wednesday, the husband and I went to see one of our favorite local pop-punk bands Good Charlotte.  It had been almost 7 years since they played a show at home so they played longer than normal, which led to getting home super late.  But it was all so so worth it. The show was so good. I've been following them since they were teens and now they are Dads and Husbands...kinda of crazy. Speaking of Dads and Husbands, you may not know who Good Charlotte the band is but I'm pretty sure you've heard of the brothers who front the band.  Joel is married to Nicole Richie and Benji is married to Cameron Diaz.  Not too shabby for some punk rockers from Maryland.

And to close out this week, two more concerts. We are seeing the The Used tonight and tomorrow night. They are playing two nights with two different set lists.  Can't wait to let off some steam and sing my head off.

What are you up to this weekend?



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