On The Line | No. 7

I think it's safe to say we are in the full swing of the holiday season and I think it's also a time when we enter into panic mode. Not only are there the million things to do for the holidays (decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping) time is ticking on that 2015 new year's resolution list you might have made. Oh shit, I still haven't finished XYZ. My subconscous is currently trapped in that Oh Shit mode. I'm not a big resolution maker but I make lists...I love lists.  And there are things that still need to be checked off.  Nothing major but just little stuff like cleaning out the hall closet, organizing the laundry room, and finishing up two books that I started. It all adds up. And I would love nothing more than to start 2016 with those things completed. So how am I going to tackle this as we are already 4 days into December...one at a time. I'm going to dedicate time to tackle each of these things and treat it like an appointment. Grab a big 'ol cup of coffee and #getshitdone. But it's also the season for celebration. So of course I'm going to fit some of that in as well...okay maybe a lot. 

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Around The Web

The internet is full of awesome, beautiful, and strange things; wouldn't you agree? I'm pulling my favs and sharing them with you.  I've rounded up my top links from stories, recipes, style, animal cuteness...basically anything and everything. Some old, some new, some you may have already seen but nonetheless something to take your mind off that daily grind.  So grab your cup of coffee or cocktail (it's never to early) and click away. Cheers.

:: Shopping & Style :: 

  • Get into the holiday spirit with this make your own ugly christmas sweater.

  • I can totally get down with these two (here, here) stylish ways to charge your phone without lugging around your charger.

:: Tactical & Preparedness ::

:: Mind, Body, & Soul ::

  • Ever have trouble falling asleep? This breathing exercise might be your new best friend. I'm planning on trying it & will report back.

  • Do you have a morning ritual such as drinking lemon water first thing? How about trying copper water.

:: This & That ::