Current Beauty Favorites

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

This month's favorites all revolve around beauty products and they were definitely put to the test during SHOT Show. I'm happy to say they all passed with flying colors. 

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber DeTox Hydra Gel Eye Patches: I love my face roller but, unfortunately, most hotels don't have a freezer so the next best thing I've found are these gel eye patches. The cooling effect of the cucumber really helps to depuff the under eyes and let me tell you they were put to the test during SHOT Show and they came through. One tip I have for these is to keep them in your fridge for extra depuffing qualities. 

Elizabeth and James 'Nirvana Black' Dry Shampoo: I've talked about this dry shampoo before and it still reigns as my favorite. If you don't know about the Elizabeth and James 'Nirvana Black' perfume you are missing out. It smells amazing and having that scent in a dry shampoo makes it even better. This is what I used during SHOT. I had a blowout the day before leaving and thought I would need to wash my hair again towards the end of SHOT but I seriously forgot how great this dry shampoo is. It was being used twice a day. In the morning before heading to the show and then again at night before heading out for dinner/drinks. The scent isn't over powering and didn't have any product build-up even after 5 days of constant use. 

Ouai Hair Oil: I wasn't so sure about this at first as I've seen a lot hype around this hair oil. Thanks to the Sephora checkout isle, which is basically like the candy isle for beauty hoarding adults, I picked up a trial size. I am pleasantly surprised by this oil. It's lighter than my Jojoba Oil so I feel like I can use it daily. It gives my hair a nice shine and hydrates my split ends. I've used it daily and it hasn't been making my hair greasy. 

Slip Silk Sleep mask: I've been using a sleep mask for years. I like it to be super dark when I sleep and even block out any ambient light that leeks in through my bedroom windows. I've recent switched from a cotton sleep mask to this silk one. For years, I've heard that silk pillowcases are supposed to be better for your skin and hair since they don't soak up moisture like cotton pillowcases and they help reduce wrinkles. So the same philosophy holds true for sleep masks. I figured I'd ease into converting to a silk pillowcase by giving the eye mask a try. I really love it. The silk feels nice against my eyes and face and it blocks out the light. As far as reducing wrinkles, the verdict is still out on that.

Tarte Tartiest Pro Lashes: I probably wear false lashes once a month when I want to amp up my look for the day/night. I've always used Ardell lashes but I tried the Tarte brand on New Year's Eve and also wore them throughout SHOT.  They are ah-mazing. The specific style I like is called Little Black Dress and they give you a natural look with extra length. They are lightweight and blend in so seamlessly with my natural lashes. I also love that the lash line is thin so you can add your own liner easily. They say they are reusable but I've never had any success reusing false eyelashes of any brand.