PHLster Holster & UltiClip

One of the things I've come to learn on this concealed carry journey is that it's good to have options with holsters. It makes dressing around carrying concealed more simple and less stressful. A lot of women choose not to carry because they claim that they can't make it work with their wardrobe but I'm here to challenge that notion. It's important to be open and try out all of your options. Since I started carrying I've always used a belt for my kydex style holsters. They needed something strong and sturdy to clip to that would maintain retention while drawing. I've attempted to use a belt designed specifically for concealed carry and I hated it. It was thick, bulky, and uncomfortable. Through some trial and error I found a normal belt that works for me. However, I don't always want to wear a belt. I needed some other options and thanks to the Can Can Concealment hip hugger and now my Ulticlip, I've got some options. 

I've used my PHLster holster a few times with the loop style clip and didn't like how the loop fit with my belt. The holster itself is great but I felt the loop style clip added some extra bulk that caused printing in some of my lightweight tops. I changed out the loop clip and added an Ulticlip. I was pleasantly surprised at how slim the entire setup was. The PHLster holster is already a nice slim design and with the addition of the Ulticlip I don't need a belt. Therefore any additional bulk around the waistband was reduced significantly. The retention on the Ulticlip is so strong that at first I needed help from the husband to get it open. I was bit a skeptical but after several test draws I was surprised at how it didn't budge from my waistband and so I felt confident in adding it to the rotation. The Ulticlip paired with my PHLster holster is giving me some greater flexibility with my clothing choices especially when I want to be a bit more casual and also going into the hotter summer months. 

:: Outfit Details ::

Shirt: Free People | Jeans: AG Jeans | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Kenneth Cole {similar}

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Holster: PHLster Gen 2 Skeleton w/ Ulticlip


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