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Happy Friday! Who's ready to start this long weekend?! I know I am.  My latest article in Sure Shots Magazine is now online in Issue 17. In this issue I'm talking about some of the preparedness items I keep in my tote bag for day trips & long weekends.

Check out the article here or read an extended version of it below.

Memorial Day is the official start of summer & that means our weekends get filled with day/weekend trips.  For me, it usually means impromptu day trips exploring new areas with the husband. One of my favorite part of day trips is that you can leave that suitcase behind.  Whether your day trip involves meeting up with girlfriends or hitting an event a couple hours away you still want to be prepared and have some essentials handy.  After all, popping back home typically isn't a viable option.

Depending on what I'm doing and where I'm going I'll either opt my for Baggu tote because it's super roomy & light or my Billabong Camo Backpack. If your plans involve a lot of walking or a little hike, the backpack is the way to go but most times my tote is all I need.

And while I'm all for bringing a bottle of bubbly (or two) depending on the situation, you gotta be practical. One of my "never leave home without" essentials especially for day trips is an emergency kit. I've had this one from WH Tactical for a while and even though I haven't needed it (thank goodness), I feel good knowing I have it with me. It has all of the basic essentials should something come up. You could also remove some the items for other preparedness necessities you might need such as medications but don't forget to put them back when you return.

The kit barely takes up any room in this bag, I mean it fits in my PS1 with room to spare. Why not be the gal in the group that whips this kit out should you need something in it. You'll definitely score some major points & you can celebrate with the bubbly after.

Some of the other items you'll find in my day trip tote:

YSL Card Holder: I condense my wallet down to the necessities in this card holder.
Snack/Bar: I always like to carry a small snack or nut bar for a mid-day energy boost
WH Tactical Hers Kit: This little kit packs a powerful punch of preparedness essentials. It covers everything from feminine hygiene products to first aid supplies to a water filter and pepper spray.  This is definitely one of those items that you'll be thankful you had should you need it.  And it barely takes up any room.
iPhone & earphones
Legion XM-18 Knife: I usually keep this in my waistband of my jeans. However, depending on what I'm wearing that's not always feasible so I'll clip it to the top of my tote.
myCharge Portable Phone Charger: A lifesaver if you've been 'gramming all day.  The last thing you want is to run into a low battery situation if an emergency comes up.
Reusable Bag: I always have a reusable bag with me. If you find anything on your adventure, then having your own bag is not only ecofriendly but it makes life easier than carrying a bunch of smaller bags.
Quay x Chrisspy Sunglasses: Never leave home without a pair of sunnies.
Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle: I always bring a small bottle of water with me. 
Rebecca Minkoff Makeup Bag: A girls gotta look fresh, right?! I usually carry some antibacterial lotion, breath mints, lipstick, and a few other girly things to freshen up with.

What are some of things you carry with you? 

Next time you head for a long weekend or a day trip, why not add some preparedness items to your bag?!


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