Quilted Vest

When there’s a slight rise in temps, I’m taking every opportunity to ditch the coat because I know there will be plenty of those frigid days in my future. If you saw my Old Navy video, you know that i mentioned that this vest wasn’t the thickest. But it’s super cute, right?! It’s definitely not going to keep you warm but it is a cute layering piece and perfect for those random spikes in temps during the winter. It will definitely be in heavy rotation come Spring.

Most of my winter vests are thick and meant for warmth but I’m looking forward to styling this over a heavier sweater or gosh maybe even a dress. Also, in that video I talked about this stripe long sleeve. I totally ended up buying another one. It’s too good and the price made it even better. I literally have been wearing it nonstop, even to bed. It’s that comfortable and just pairs with everything so easily. I wore it to work then didn’t change out of it when I got home, slept in it, and then wore all day while I was working at home. It happens - more than once and there’s no shame here.

{ What I'm Wearing } 

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Vest: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Rag and Bone (no longer available)| Shoes: Treasure & Bond (no longer available) | Bag: Baggu | Lipstick: Lime Crime Metallic Cherry Red

{ Concealed Carry Details } 

Holster: Blacksmith Tactical | Firearm: Heckler & Koch VP9SK | Belt: Rag and Bone
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