Monthly Favorites

Whew where did this month go and better yet where is this year going? Seriously we are getting ready to celebrate July 4th. Well, I'm wrapping up the last day of filming season five of Love At First Shot. I'm exhausted but it was well worth it. I had an amazing time, learned a lot, and met and bonded with some amazing women. I can't wait for you to see more.


Hue Half Toe Socks: I know these might seem odd but these might be one of the best sock ideas ever. I really don't like bare feet in shoes other than my high heel pumps. For some reason, in flats my toes start to rub the top of the shoe and then they start to get a little sweaty so blisters form - it's just not a good thing. It's most likely because I wear my flats all day and for lots of walking so those things are bound to happen. But with these little toe socks, not anymore. They slip just over your toes and I love wearing them with my Gucci mules and Sam Edelman loafers. You'd never know I was wearing them and they don't peak through. I prefer these over the no-show or low-profile socks because depending on your flat style you can sometimes see them.

ReFa Carat: I’ve been eyeing this beauty tool for some time but only recently decided to get it because it was on sale. Perfect reason, right?! If you’re wondering what the heck this thing is well it’s a facial massaging device. It’s supposed to replicate the kneading motion from an esthetician to promote lymphatic drainage, firm and tighten the skin. Sort of similar to the NuFace, which I have too. The ReFa CARAT also has a small micro-current to help lift the muscles. However, the reason I love this one compared to my NuFace is that it doesn’t need to be charged and I can use it with whatever facial oil I choose. With the NuFace they recommend you use their gels since the micro-current is much stronger but I found it to be a hassle to have to add an additional step of rinsing the gel from my face. This one is light, easy to use, and travels well. You can roll your face anytime and anywhere. I definitely think my face looks smoother and refreshed after using this consistently.

Ancient Greek Sandals: To me, every time summer rolls around, I feel the need to get more sandals. Ancient Greek Sandals is a bit of a pricier brand but so well worth it. I recently just got the slides pictured here; isn't the rose gold so pretty? I have a couple other pairs and they have held up wonderfully over the years. The leather feels like butter and they are a comfortable and easy sandal to wear. They make so many cute styles and I want them all. Good news is that they you can always find them on sale. 

Maglula UpLULA Speed LoaderMaybe I was taught wrong or not at all but loading mags manually with my fingers has never been my strong point. Frankly, it’s a pain in the ass and I hated how much it chipped my polish. I'm limited to 10-round mags but even then it gets hard to load them as they begin to fill. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the folks with 15+ mags. The husband even uses it. It means more time shooting and less time loading. This speed loader was one of the first shooting items I bought and I’ve never regretted it. It makes loading my mags so much easier and my manicures, especially my thumb, is thankful.

Perfect Formula Top Coat: And speaking of manicure, this top is legit. I've been using this for over five years and it's my holy grail. This has been a staple in at-home manicure kit and I'm also buying it in multiples. This top coat really does make your manicure last. Sure, chipping is inevitable especially when you're shooting (LOL) but I can easily go almost five days without chip if I'm not being too harsh with my hands. 


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