Buying a Gun in DC - Part 1

Well, the process for me to finally get my very own handgun has officially started. Over the last few weeks I’ve made some phone calls to stores in MD & VA looking for the HK VP9.  Much to my dismay, everyone was sold out. It sort of felt like I was calling around for the latest Christian Louboutin heels...a gun sold out...really?! However, I finally found it at Atlantic Guns in MD.  That was last Tuesday. So this past Saturday, the husband and I drove up to Maryland so I could make a little purchase. 

Now it's Tuesday and I'm a new owner of an HK VP9, well sort of. I paid for it but I don't have it in hand.

Why? You might be thinking...well I live in DC (pausing for a moment for the obligatory eye roll & under-the-breath mutter about why DC sucks for gun owners).

Okay, are you done? Good.

I live in DC and I love it. So sorry but I'm not moving to Virginia just because they have better gun laws.

To own a gun legally in DC is a bit of a process. DC doesn't have any gun stores or ranges so you have to go to either MD or VA and have it transferred in. You can buy one online too but that still needs to be transferred in. The gun gets transferred to one sole person...DC's only allowed FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) aka "gun dealer" if you will, Charles Sykes. He works out of a small office at DC Police HQ.

So here for the process went something like this:

1) After ensuring the gun I wanted was on the approved DC gun list*, I found a store that had it in stock with 10 round magazines (DC's law). It cannot be a 15 round magazine that has been modified to only hold 10 rounds.  The firearm has to come with stock 10 round mags.

2) I purchased the handgun and informed the store that it needs to be transferred to Charles Sykes since I live in DC. Most stores in MD and VA are familiar with the process and who Charles Sykes is. 

3) I left the store with my wallet a lot lighter and no gun in hand.  I called Charles Sykes and told him about my recent purchase.  He said that he would go pick up the gun and call me to make an appointment to start my background check and complete my paperwork.  Additionally, if I hadn't already, I needed to take the online DC safety class.  However, I had already taken the first steps pistol course so my certificate would suffice.

4) And now I wait for the call.

So this is where I am...waiting for the call.

*It shouldn't be a surprise that DC hasn't updated their own list of approved firearms (their current published list is form is a few years old). So I used the MD approved gun roster.  DC links to the MD roster but the link is broken...go figure.

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