These Boots Were Made For?

Just when I think Spring is upon us, winter storm Stella decides to roll on through and drop some major cold temps along with snow and sleet. All I really want to do is stay home and cozy up on my couch with coffee and the kitties. But the real world calls and that means I need to put on some clothes and get moving.

When you're getting ready, how do you decided your outfits? Is it based on your mood, weather, or something specific you want to wear? For me it's a combination of all those things but more so the latter. And the latter being shoes. I always start with the shoes. I usually know going into a evening out or day in the city what shoes I want to wear. Then I build my outfit around it taking into consideration my mood, the weather, and where/what I might be going/doing. Obviously, weather and destination can easily trump my shoe choice. If it's raining, then I don't want to wear any of my suede shoes. If I'm going to be doing a lot of walking and standing, then opting for sky high heels wouldn't be the smartest decision. You definitely don't want to be that girl. You know the one you can't hack it in her heels. You gotta be ready to commit or at least bring some foldable flats as a backup. No harm in that, I do it all the time especially if it's really nice out and want the option of walking.

Some days/nights call for the sky high heels though. And these YSL boots are definitely curb-to-cab heels. Meaning there will not be any long distance walking or hours of standing in my future when I wear these. Although, I have done a little bit of both in them. I can handle any soreness my feet may bear from wearing them. What I can't stand are my shoes being ruined when I accidentally step in a sidewalk crack. It really really annoys me. So for those nights, the cabbies and uber drivers get my  money.

So how do you choose your outfits? Does it start with the shoes like me?






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