Shooting Range Warm-Up Drills

It's interesting to me that in the short amount of range visits (three to be exact) how I have started to pick up and realize what works for me and what doesn't. I think I had naively assumed that all these people were at the range doing the same thing but with different guns...hit the bulls-eye and repeat. There is really so much more involved. Yes, hitting the mark on the target is the finale but getting there requires work. I realize that I need to ask myself, 'What do I want to accomplish during today's range visit?' Stepping into the lane and just firing off some rounds really doesn't provide me with any satisfaction because it feels very unintentional and kind of half-ass. I've figured out that I need to have a routine when I go to the range. You could look at this as a warm-up or a set of drills and it might actually be a combination of both for me.

Ultimately, I want to become confident & comfortable using a gun but also I would like to be able to have some skill & proficiency at it. I'm hoping that by documenting this drill, I can follow it and have a better session the next time I hit the range.

 Range Routine/Drill

  • 3 dry fires: To ensure my target is properly positioned at eye level and to warm up my grip.

  • 5 shots loading a single round at a time: I still need to get past the initial nerves. My focus here is to ease into my practice, check form/stance, confirm sights, and grip.

  • 5 shots with 5 rounds loaded: I want to focus on my trigger pull and overall form. After each round, I'll reset my form to my starting position and go again.

  • 6 double round shots with 6 rounds loaded: Instead of resetting to my starting position after each round, I'll do that after two. Working on increasing the speed (just a little) of aligning my sights while maintaining a steady trigger pull.

I'll roll through the last two drills for the remainder of my range session, which is usually an hour. I'll see how this goes during my next couple of visits. I know that as my confidence & skills increase, my range routine will need to change but for now I think is a good starting point for me.

Do you have a set of routines or goals that you have when hitting the range? Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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