White Eyelet Shorts

:: What I'm Wearing ::


Shirt: Gap {old; similar}
Vest: Nordstrom {similar}
Shorts: Gap {old; similar}
Shoes: Sam Edelman {old; similar}
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff {old}
Belt: Fossil {old; similar}
Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Pickled Ginger

It's about that time of year that all the shorts start making an appearance. After all it was only a mere 90 degrees this weekend. Luckily I had some old favorites to grab to help beat the heat. I think about 80% of the clothes I wear are at least a few years old. I definitely follow these rules when deciding to keep or purge clothes. If they still fit and I still wear them then there is no sense in getting rid of them. That holds true for this entire outfit. Everything is at least three years with the exception of the vest, that's a year old, I think. It might even be two.

We all love the feeling of wearing something new. It boosts our confidence which then releases some endorphin's and then just makes us feel good. We tend to hold our head up a little higher when stepping out the door. However, buying new clothes all the time isn't realistic.

Sometimes we need to learn to get creative and find ways to shop our own closet and bring new life to the pieces we already own.

Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet

  • Take inventory. Get a good look at the clothes in your closet so you have a mental note of what is already there.

  • Get some inspiration. Peruse the latest fashion magazines, style blogs, and Pinterest. Don't just look at the outfits but look at the individual pieces being worn and see if you have anything like that in your closet. Then look at the outfit and see how it was styled. You don't have to have every single piece in the outfit but you want to take the idea, the inspiration. You can then refine your search to look for outfits that are styled around a certain piece, for instance white shorts.

  • Make adjustments. If you come across a head-to-toe look you love and don't have the exact pieces, that's okay. The purpose is to get inspiration. Maybe you don't have an olive green vest but you do have a black vest. This is why knowing what's in your closet is key. As you don't want to get hung up on the thought that you can't wear an outfit you've seen just because you don't have an olive green vest. Look for similar pieces in your closet and adjust the outfit accordingly. If you have a black vest, then you might want to change up the belt and shoes to match with what you already own.

  • Add an on-trend piece. One of the great ways to revamp a look is to accessorize. Accessories can also be an inexpensive way to add on-trend pieces as well. You can easily find budget friendly belts, jewelry, bandanas, and bags that can bring an otherwise simple outfit on-trend. Additionally, you can also buy an on-trend item to incorporate into your current wardrobe. Try to find something that can be worn with multiple items you have. This vest is a good example. Even though it's a year or so old it's still very on-trend and can be worn all year long layered over long sleeve shirts.


I know that shopping your own closet doesn't sound as much fun as hitting up The Mothership but it's a great way to ensure you are wearing the items in your closet. These tips will have you feeling like your old clothes are in-style and on-trend.

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