SHOT Show Outfit Recap

Phew! Let me just say that I'm still exhausted from SHOT Show. It was my 3rd year and boy it was busier and crazier than years past. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because it was extremely productive, rewarding, and overall a great time.  I know I sound like a broken record but there are a lot of things in the works for SMT that are finally starting to come to fruition and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

When it comes to traveling, I like to think that I'm a pretty savvy packer. I don't over pack and don't have a hard time limiting what I bring but with SHOT Show and Vegas it's entirely a different animal. I need outfits for walking the floor, outfits for post-SHOT happy hour meet-ups, late night parties, and possibly range time. Total first world problems I know but when I'm used to traveling light it's pretty freakin' annoying. You can see my two suitcases and two carry-on bags I packed below {insert eye roll}. I've traveled on month long vacations with less luggage. I didn't get a chance to snap all the outfits I wore but I think I got a majority of them. A few night out looks are missing like the cutest fringe dress I wore to an industry party along with a really fun happy hour look. But knowing how I am with my outfits (I repeat them), they'll eventually make their way onto SMT.


{ Nordstrom Bomber Jacket - similar | Custom Hoodie | Athleta Metro Joggers | Nike Juvenate Sneakers }

{ Rails Pepper Plaid Shirt | Rag and Bone Jeans - similar | Saint Laurent Toy Shopper - similar | Modern Vice Handler Boots | Bandana - similar Topshop Necklaces - similar }

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