Stripes on Stripes

I have been living in stripes these days. The last couple shirts I bought have all been striped including my latest t-shirt dress. But that's okay because I have at least two striped shirts that need to go. They are overly worn looking almost to the point of being see through and not in the cool distressed way more like the homeless way (#notcute). They are such an easy pattern to wear and for me a nice change to my traditional solid shirts. Perfect for layering in the cooler months or on their own. 

I also realized that I haven't worn these shoes much this season and I'm thinking it might be time to sell them and make room for something else. I do love them but they are definitely cab-to-curb heels meaning there is no walking blocks in these...not even one. One wrong misstep in these and I'm bound to roll an ankle. And I can't have that. 

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Shirt: BP. via Nordstrom | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Bag: Saint Laurent | Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti | Lipstick: Tarte Matte Lip Paint in Cheerleader

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