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For those that follow me on Instagram you may have seen my little announcement about a new Instagram account: @StyleMeConcealed.

Since I started on this road to becoming a gun girl, I've met so many awesome like-minded ladies through the power of Instagram. I'm thankful for their support and moved by their willingness to help & share their experiences. I've come to see that there is a world full of women that also share the same passions & beliefs towards self-reliance. I wanted to created a space for us to come together and share our common interest.

So I started the @StyleMeConcealed Instagram account.

This account is just the start of building this community of women in the firearm industry, women that are taking responsibility for their own safety, the responsibility of their families safety, and who aren't afraid to be self-reliant.

This is a place to showcase all of YOU stylish & amazing women out there that carry. Let's empower and support one another along this journey. Let's learn and grow from each other.


Come on over to Instagram and help build this community, this movement. Show us how you carry and tag @StyleMeConcealed/#StyleMeConcealed to be featured on the account.

Thank you so much for following, reading, and making Style Me Tactical part of your life. I really really appreciate. There are lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes that I'm slowly chipping away at and can't wait to share them with you.

As always if you have any questions, don't hesitant to send me an email to: info@stylemetactical.com. Just bear with that it might take a few days fore me to get back to you but I will.


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