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There really is something to be said about good quality materials especially when it comes to t-shirts. And I'm not talking about the quality that will stand the test of time here because if you are anything like me and live in t-shirts then they are bound to get worn with holes. However, this will take longer in a good quality t-shirt. What I'm talking about is the quality in the cotton. I love a super soft yet semi-structured cotton t-shirt. One that will hang well but is not going to stick to the not so flattering places on the body. My go-to brands on the moderate price point are J. Crew and Madewell (average $20). For an even lower price point, I go with Gap and BP. (from Nordstrom) but I find these tend to lose shape and wear faster. My higher-end t-shirts are always Rag and Bone. That is until recently...I purchased this tee a while back and I'm seriously in love with this brand. n:Philanthrophy definitely has a higher price-point but it's well worth it and if you wait it out, you can find it on sale. I recently picked up this grey t-shirt from them and since I was basically living in their stripe tee, I had to give this dress a try. It's basically their t-shirt but longer. did not disappoint. I don't think I own anything this comfortable. Seriously. The only reason I don't lounge around my house in this dress is because I'm always cold and need to have my legs and arms covered. LOL. This dress is so easy and comfortable to just throw on during the weekends and is so lightweight that it's great for super hot days. I've been pairing this dress with my summer sandals that, if you follow me on Instagram, then you've seen me wear A LOT. The entire outfit is just so comfortable and effortless. 

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Dress: n:Philanthropy | Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals | Tote: Baggu | Scarf: Madewell   | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in Gazpacho

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