The TASER Pulse for Concealed Carry

At SMT, you know how I feel about women being able to defend themselves. If not, let me remind you, it’s big deal. I’m passionate about it and believe it to my core that we should be able to adequately defend ourselves in a manner that fits our lifestyle and comfort level. For some, myself included, my go-to defense tool is a firearm. However, that’s just one tool amongst other self-defense tools I have that I can equip myself with. First and foremost is my mindset (translation: situational awareness). For others, a firearm is out of the question. No judgement here but if you don’t want to use a firearm or can’t for whatever reason (i.e.; laws) what other tools do you have?

When I can’t carry my firearm, the next tool in my line-up is my TASER Pulse. I tend to find myself going for this more and more just for the simple fact that it’s easy especially in terms of concealed carry. No belt to worry about, no holster with clips…just grab and go (sort of). Plus the fact that its profile makes it easier to conceal in some of my clothing. For instance, while this shirt is great for minimizing printing because of the stripes, the fabric is little more lightweight. I quickly found that it wasn’t doing a great job concealing my firearm. However, for my TASER Pulse, no problem.

I know I mentioned one of the things I like about this setup is the holster with no clips, however, you can still find traditional style holsters for the TASER Pulse with clips. The one I prefer to use is from Sticky Holster. I’ve used a Sticky Holster before with my Glock 43 and while it’s not my favorite for carrying a firearm, I love it for the TASER Pulse because of it’s simplicity and ease of use. If you aren’t familiar with how a Sticky Holster works, the outside fabric is made of a non-slip material that stays in place when positioned snug between two items. Also, it may seem obvious but I feel I need to mentioned that my Glock 43 Sticky Holster is different than the one holster for the TASER Pulse. Just like traditional holsters, you need to get the one that fits your defense tool.

So if a firearm isn’t your tool of choice what tools do you have that you can use today to help protect yourself? I encourage you, especially at the start of a new year to take a moment and think about your personal safety and how you can be self-reliant. If you need some additional encouragement give this post a read on how to start down this road of self-reliance. Take some steps so you can start taking action for you and your families safety.

For a full review and details on the TASER Pulse please check this post.

:: TASER Pulse Concealed Carry Details ::

Self-Defense Tool: TASER Pulse* | Holster: Sticky Holster | Pocket Knife: CRKT Cobia Folding Knife
*Use code SMT15 for 15% off TASER Pulse (code valid only at

:: Outfit Details for TASER Pulse Concealed Carry ::

Shop exact (when still available) and budget-friendly items that are similar/inspired-by pieces from this look that are less than $100.
Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: Paige Denim | Shoes: Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Pump | Bag: Chanel | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in ‘ Tannin’