The Best Leggings To Carry Your Self-Defense Tools

For those of you that carry a firearm then you know that it involves a few other accessories in order to carry responsibly and safely. One of those things is a good holster. You probably have a drawer with all of your go-to holsters at the ready but what about your non-firearm self-defense tools? How do you carry them safely and have them easily accessible? This is where my Alexo Athletica leggings come in. Not only can I carry my firearm in the built-in holster but I can also carry a variety of self-defense tools, after all they have nine pockets. When I can't carry my firearm my next tool I grab is either my TASER Pulse or Kimber Pepper Blaster. The Kimber Pepper Blaster is the smallest of all these types of tools so it conceals very easily. 

Along with my Glock 43 and HK VP9SK, I've carried my TASER Pulse, my YellowJacket Stun Gun, and this Kimber Pepper Blaster easily (see below) and all in these leggings. The fact that I don't need a traditional kydex holster, although I could use one with these (check out this post), has been making them a go-to when running errands. Plus, it helps that they make my butt look good and my legs look skinny.  

Not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm and some times there are places you aren't able to carry a firearm so these leggings provide an easy option so you can defend yourself while working out, running errands, hitting the range, or just chillin.' 

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