On The Line | No. 39

Happy Friday friends! How's your summer been going? I've been busy dealing with a few personal matters and busy working on lots of SMT related things that I can't wait to share with you. All in due time though. So between those things and trying to have some fun in between this summer is moving right along. We head down to Florida next week for some family R&R and let me tell you I can't wait to be lounging poolside with a book in hand. 

What do you think of today's On The Line words of wisdom?

Remember The Small Wins Count, Too. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of always seeing what doesn't work out, what goal we haven't met, or what we didn't do. Personally, when I start down that path of focusing on all the things I didn't accomplish, it starts to snowball into me becoming more negative about everything. It's not good headspace to be in and overall puts me in a funkified state of blah. The mindset of what "we didn't do" needs to be shifted and we need to start looking at what we did do. The thing this it doesn't have to be big at all. It can be the smallest of things like getting out of bed earlier and/or not hitting the snooze ten times, getting a workout in, getting some house chores done, eating a salad instead of a burger, or tackling one item of your list of bigger goals to accomplish. All of these little things are wins in your life and should be seen that way. By acknowledging & celebrating these small wins you'll be bringing positive energy into your life. And we all could use some of that. So go ahead and pop some bottles this weekend and celebrate the small wins.


Around The Web

The internet is full of awesome, beautiful, and strange things; wouldn't you agree? I'm pulling my favs and sharing them with you.  I've rounded up my top loved links from stories, recipes, style, animal cuteness...basically anything and everything. Some old, some new, some you may have already seen but nonetheless something to take your mind off that daily grind.  So grab your cup of coffee or cocktail (it's never to early) and click away. Cheers. 

  • { Style } Charlize Theron kicks major butt in Atomic Blonde and she's doing it all in the chicest and most fashionable designer pieces. Read all about her iconic fashions in this interview with the costume designer. I'll take every single one of her outfits especially the shoes but I'll also take her skills. Have you seen it? I love it.

  • { Beauty } I'm a big fan of Kat Von D and her beauty line. She just released the first color in her Everlasting Glimmer Line and it's an amazing electric glittery blue. I can't wait for mine to arrive.

  • { Concealed Carry } My friend and founder of EmPOWERed wrote her first op-ed piece for The NY Times. She talks about why she advocates for carrying on college campuses and shares her story about what led her to fight for our 2nd amendment rights.

  • { Mind, Body, Soul } They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'm loving the hangry-proof recipe ideas to keep your blood sugar in check. Hello avocado egg bowls!

  • { Mind, Body, Soul } How about using A.I. (artificial intelligence) to recommend a diet and exercise protocol based on your gut health. I'm so intrigued.  

  • { This and That } My favorite coffee brand La Colombe recently just released their dairy-free canned draft lattes. I'll be on the hunt to get my hands on one (or five) this weekend. If you haven't tried their draft latte, you are missing out. It's heaven.

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