Relaxed and Effortless

I used to wear these jeans almost everyday. I go through cycles like that with clothing, shoes, and accessories. It's like I latch onto a piece and it's all I want to wear. Is it just me or are you like that too? Well, I'm glad I have rediscovered these because it's a nice change to my super tight skinny jeans ;) My legs can finally breath! I'm all for a relaxed look whether it be for date night or the weekend. The boyfriends with the distressing lend the look to being more casual but pairing it with a blazer and boots immediately brings it up a notch.  So you can still be relaxed but in that effortlessly cool way.  You know, like you really didn't try that hard but you actually stood in front of your closet for hours thinking, "What the f*ck am I going to wear?" Been there, done that.

I find that shopping for boyfriend jeans or really anything labeled as "oversized" or "boyfriend" can be a bit annoying because sizing is always a bit off. In most cases, you'll want to size down from what you normally wear otherwise it will be too baggy or loose. You still want it to look like it fits but with a relaxed vibe. If you go with your original size, then it may end up stretching over time, especially with jeans and then they will look way too big on and you'll stop wearing them. When looking for oversized items, pay close attention to the shape and cut. Did they just blow out the seems and make the item more square to fit the trend or did they keep with the original silhouette and shape? If it's the former, be cautious because the oversized item may end up looking too boxy.  Another option that I like to embrace if I want an oversized look is to go up in size. I've done that with skinny jeans, where I loved the wash but wanted a more relaxed look so I sized up. You'll still get the cut and shape to fit your body while still accomplishing that boyfriend style.

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Blazer: Nordstrom {similar} | Shirt: Social Decay {similar} | Jeans: Rag and Bone {similar} | Bag: Leather Couture | Shoes: Alexander Wang | Necklace: Gorjana, Bauble Bar | Lipstick: Bite Beauty in 'Tannin

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