When to Draw Your Weapon with Jeff Houston

Get Social with Jeff:    Tac7USA  |  @StandTallFightHard

Get Social with Jeff: Tac7USA | @StandTallFightHard

Ep 58: When to Draw Your Weapon with Jeff Houston

When situational awareness and avoidance isn't enough are you ready to draw your weapon? And when is it even appropriate to draw your weapon? Amy and Emily welcome to the show Jeff Houston, a former Green Beret, NRA Carry Guard Director of Operations, and CEO of Tac7. Jeff discusses various scenarios, while keeping in mind levels of escalation and distance, before drawing a weapon. The girls and Jeff also talk about how situational awareness could be the difference between a normal day and making a life changing event. Of course, Amy and Emily catch up on what's new with Alexo Athletica, Style Me Tactical, and bringing the best content to Not Your Average Gun Girls.  

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