Where to Buy a Gun

Things have been a little quiet on the range front. Not because I don't want to go but because my focus has shifted a tad from rental to ownership. So while I haven't hit the range, I have hit the web and the stores in search of my very first 9mm gun, the HK VP9.

Since I'm so new to this, I'm not sure of the best place to make this purchase. I live in DC so my store options are limited to shops in Virginia and Maryland. The husband has purchased in-store and online. He didn't have many good things to say about the store he purchased his first gun from so I've decided to steer clear of them.  Based on my minimal experience with them, I wasn't impressed nor did I care for their attitude. My retail experience may be biased because in the past when I've made an expensive purchase (such as for a handbag), I've been treated a bit more special.  I know that gun shops aren't there to schmooze a customer but I'm also dropping a decent amount of money so is it wrong that I want more of an experience rather than a transaction? I don't think so but I know that mentality needs to go out the window. 

So I've been looking online and checking out different stores. I was kind of hoping someone might have a holiday special or something but so far nothing. Not even sure if 'holiday specials' even exist for firearms.  I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet (pun so intended) and pick a place. 

In addition to procuring the gun, I'm also shopping around for my own set of eye & ear protection, a range bag, and lock. Leave it to me to add another expensive habit to my life because shoes and bags aren't enough :)

I'd love some advice and recommendations on your tips for where to buy this new addition.  Got any retailers you love that I could check out as well? Also, what's your favorite eye & ear protection brands?

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