New Orleans Travel Diary

Last week the husband and I headed down to NOLA to attend the 311 Day concert together. If you haven't figured it out, we will travel for music.  The show was two nights this year and they played a total of 84 songs.  So good! It was a great long weekend and I think this might have been one of our most fun trips to NOLA. We love to explore new cities by wandering neighborhoods, finding cute restaurants, and shops.  While, there is a lot of great culture to be had in NOLA, we've done a lot of it so it was so much fun treating NOLA like we DC and just checking out the different neighborhoods.


▼ Sylvain  ▼
We had this on our list the last few times we came to NOLA but for whatever reason it always got trumped.  However, this time we made it and it was so good.  Their cocktails are on point.  The food was definitely very good but I really loved the vibe at bar. 

{What We Ordered} Fried Eggplant Burrata / Chilled LA Gulf Shrimp / Parpadelle Bolognese / Pan-Fried Pork Shoulder

Willa Jean
This is restaurant is in one of their newer up and coming neighborhoods, SOMA (South Market District). We went for a late brunch/early lunch and it was delicious.  There were so many things we wanted to try on the menu. I loved their walk up coffee & pastry counter, we definitely hit this on our way to one of the shows. 

{What We Ordered} Willa Jean Cornbread / Avocado Toast / Smoked Salmon Tartine

▼ Paladar 511 ▼
Another newish gem in the up and coming neighborhood of Marigny. The restaurant is at the bottom of an old warehouse turned residential & commercial. We came for brunch and boy it did not disappoint.  These are the places that brunch was made for. I'm telling you get the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes...they were so amazing...light and flavorful.  I'm still dreaming about those. Oh and if you love a good breakfast pizza...get one of those too.

{What We Ordered} Eggs Benedict with Crab / Spicy Breakfast Pizza / Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Magasin Kitchen ▼
 We stumbled upon this Vietnemese restaruant while waiting for our table at Willa Jean. As soon as we walked in we new we wanted to eat here.  They have a smaller cafe on Magazine St but recently opened this larger location. We are big fans of all types of food but asian food even more so. Talk about heaven. Honestly, if we stayed longer I would've gone back. I wanted to try everything on the menu.

{What We Ordered} Pork Spring Rolls / Crab Rangoon / Shredded Pork Banh Mi Sandwich / Congee with an century egg

▼ Kenton's Food & Bourbon ▼
We spent one evening wandering Magazine street before our dinner reservation at Kentons. I love this little part of NOLA.  There are so many cute shops, bars, and cafes. 

{What We Ordered} Crispy Grits / Smoked Drum Mousse / Shrimp Toast / Squid Ink Spaghetti / Grilled Pampano


You know I love my coffee and I was super excited to check out the coffee scene in NOLA.  It's definitely up'd it's game since my last visit.  Although, I don't think I was as as into coffee the last time as I am now.

Spitfire Coffee / Such a small space but delivering major coffee. I loved that they even weighed their espresso drinks.  Talk about taking your coffee game seriously.  They source coffee from several southern small batch roasters.
Willa & Jean / Not only are they a full restaurant they have a walk-up pastry & coffee counter where they serve up Intelligentsia coffee (out of Chicago). I didn't finish my pour over so I asked if they could heat it back up and put the rest in a to go cup. In true coffee connoisseur fashion, they insisted they make me a fresh one. 
Cafe Du Monde / While they are known for their chickory coffee  they really should be pushing their frozen cafe au lait. So good.
Addiction Coffeehouse / They get their beans from local small batch roaster French Truck Coffee.  They also get their milk and sugar from local farms which is always great.  I'm all about supporting local.

A few other noteworthy gems I feel I need to call out...

Cafe Du Monde / I mean obviously you can't go to NOLA without hitting up this institution at least once or in our case three times. And you can't have a NOLA recap without beignets.  They are so simple yet so good.
Coffee = Happiness / Spotted this in Spitfire Coffee and it had to be snapped.
Willa Jean / So I know this isn't coffee but you need to be made aware of their Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.  Now if you hate that combo then you can move along but if you love it like the husband, you're gonna get it every time it shows up a menu in whatever form.  It was the first thing he ordered and the waitress commented on how she liked his "spirit." We weren't sure how to take that but after a few sips in we understand why.  It's so rich, decadent, and delicious...basically it's dessert in a cup.


I rocked the hell out of my bandanas in NOLA & loved every minute of it. 
J. Crew Flannel (similar) / J. Crew Tee / Coach Bandana / Rag and Bone Jeans / Modern Vice Boots / Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Bag
Imogene + Willie Bandana / J. Crew Tee
Free People Bandana / Rag and Bone Tee / Leith Vest / Rag and Bone Jeans / Converse High Tops / Proenza Schouler 'PS1' Bag


Did you guys follow my snaps from the trip? More importantly, are you following me on Snaptchat (user: stylemetactical)? It's a fairly new-to-me social media platform that I've been playing around with.  In the past, I've been more of viewer than user. However, I've been slowly trying to change that especially during this trip to NOLA.  I do like it to share some of the behind-the-scenes and tidbits of what I might doing at the moment (probably getting coffee).  I definitely tried to use a lot more while in NOLA to get a feel for incorporating that aspect of social media into my life/weekend. I tried not to overload you with endless amounts of videos from the concerts because let's be honest, unless you are a fan of whatever band is being snapped, do you really care? And most of the time, it all comes across as loud noise.  

What I liked about using SC during this trip was being able to share random things/signs on street that I found funny, some of my shopping fun, real-time views of coffee shops/restaurants/stores, scenic views, and what we were eating.  It's like a fun recap of my day.  I like that it's quick. I like that I can quickly show you what I'm eating because I know you care ;) or where I'm at without worrying about lighting or the styling of the photo.  Which is typically what is required of Instagram.  It doesn't need to be "pretty" to be snapped.  I also love all the geofilters that are being incorporated into this platform.  311 had this 311 Day geofilter created for the weekend, which I thought was super fun.

Anyway do you follow me on snapchat? Anything you want to see more or less of?

I hope enjoyed this recap of my trip. I'm hoping this is something you like because I want to start incorporating a bit more travel into the blog.  Thanks so much for reading & having a great day. It's almost Friday!