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I have very few things about winter that I like. One of those things are all the cozy & warm accessories. It seems this time of year I can't get enough of knit hats, chunky scarves, and cute gloves.

When you're piling on the layers and then possibly adding a heavy coat, it's these accessories that help to form your outfit. Sometimes it's all people see. I've never been one of those girls that can rock a sleeveless blouse under a winter coat for a night out. I'm always just way too cold. I've done it and will do it for the sake of the occasion and well, fashion but I don't like it. What will happen is that I'll usually end up keeping my scarf on to maintain some sense of warmth. If my neck area or decollete is cold it makes me that much colder. I kid you not when I say that during the winter when I'm home I wear scarf all day and during work I wear a scarf all day. So having cute & warm scarves are kind of important to me.

I found this beautiful chunky knit fringe scarf at The Mothership. The color is perfect, it's super warm, and the best part is that it's only $29. It's the perfect add-on accessory because if I decide to shed a layer, in this case my bomber jacket, it's a perfect accent to my grey sweater. I also can't help but to constantly fidget with the fringe tassels. So cute and fun.

What's your favorite winter accessory?

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Jacket: Mural via Nordstrom | Sweater: Gap | Shirt: Gap {similar} | Jeans: AG Jeans {similar / save option} | Scarf: BP. via Nordstrom | Bag: Chanel | Shoes: Rag & Bone 'Harrow' Bootie

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