Shooting Range Catch Up


So it's been awhile since my last Girl Meets Gun series. Don't worry, the series isn't going anywhere. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about this series and how I want it to grow and evolve because if you followed from the beginning (thank you), then you know it started as a way to document my possible road to gun ownership.  And well, we know how that ended...proud female gun owner present and accounted for here :) 

However, just owning a firearm isn't enough. You have to know how to use it & be a responsible gun owner, which means constant practice, training, and learning. My plan is to capture all of that here in this series and hopefully a lot more. So bear with me in this series, if it's one of you favorites...more posts are coming. 

So how about we play a little catch up's been about two months since I purchased my VP9 and I admittedly am ashamed to say I've only taken it to the range three times. I don't even have 500 rounds through it yet.  However, I have been pretty busy and traveling so my weekends have been booked. It's not that easy getting to the range for me because of two pretty big factors: I live in DC (which doesn't have any ranges) and I don't own a car. So any range time requires a little bit more thought and planning on my part.  All things I have no problem doing, I just need to find the time.

First Visit: I definitely felt a little frustrated. I think it was part nerves and anxiety of shooting my gun for the first time.  Not knowing what to expect and that I was on my own now. There was no instructor to guide me and help out. My aim was off, I felt like my eyes were blurry, and overall I didn't shoot well. Also, I really didn't have a plan for shooting and I know myself enough to know that I should have one. I even wrote about it. After my third visit, I realize it definitely helps.

Second Visit: Of my three visits, this probably was my best. My first two shots were hitting the left lower quadrant - that seems to be standard for me when I first shoot. A fellow female shooter that was in the lane next me offered up a few tips that definitely helped. One was to really drive my arms forward with the gun and be a little aggressive in my form, concentrate on the slow and steady trigger pull, and not to be afraid to take a few dry fire shots. I think the slow and steady trigger pull really made a difference and it's something that I've known I need to work on. There are just so many things I'm trying to absorb when it comes to my VP9 because I really want to know it, if that makes sense. So I think I definitely overlooked the trigger pull in my previous range visit.

Third Visit: I took some lessons learned from the second visit and think I did pretty well. My first two shots are still like before - hitting the left lower quadrant. Things I noticed that I need to adjust is making sure I'm relaxing my shoulders more. This could've partially been because I am sick with a pretty bad sinus infection so I was bit off my game to begin with. However, I don't think I did bad. My shooting drills for this visit was: live fire a single round, dry fire 3-5 times, and repeat sequence.  Then, live fire two rounds, dry fire 3-5 times, and repeat sequence. Following that sequence definitely help my shooting and I felt much better about my time at the range.

I realize that I definitely need to keep doing my warm-up routine and then venture into some different drills and challenges. If you have any drills that you like, let me know. I would love to try them out.  Also, are there any things you would like to see in this Girl Meets Gun series? Let me know.

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