{Post Rewind} Girl Meets Gun

While I’m on vacation I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my favorite & most popular posts with you. If you've been following SMT from the beginning (huge thank you btw) then you probably recall these but if not hopefully these will keep you entertained and informed until I'm back. You can follow my vacation adventures on Instagram & InstaStories (username: @stylemetactical).


It seems kind of crazy to me that it's been over a year since I started SMT and this journey to gun ownership. I honestly was unsure of the direction of this journey and how recounting it for SMT was going to go. What I did know was that if I didn't have a place to hold myself accountable, share my experience, and connect with other like-minded people that I easily could've let this become another one of those...woulda, shoulda, coulda scenarios. So with the support of the husband, lots of time, and a craving to create a blog that contained content that had a purpose, Style Me Tactical was born. And while I understand that owning a firearm is very personal decision, I have been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the positive emails, comments, and messages that you guys have sent. This comes from fellow gun owners to women who just appreciate my content. So to all of you that come by SMT, thank you so much. There are a lot of exciting things happening and can't wait to share them with you.

Since Girl Meets Gun was one of the originating series, I wanted to highlight a few posts that I think pack some great information and share a little bit of my shooting history.