On The Line | No. 30

Happy Friday friends! How's your week been? Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away?! And 2017 is two weeks away...I feel like once Thanksgiving hits, if you blink you'll miss the rest the year because it goes by so fast. 

What do you think of today's On The Line words of wisdom?

You Can Do Anything But Not Everything. I find today's quote very appropriate as we wrap up 2016. I tend to have love/hate feelings towards this time of year. I love all holiday cheer & spirit that's everywhere and spending time with family and friends. However, I don't like the nagging voice or to-do list reminding of the things I didn't get done this year. So I try to scramble to see how I'm going to get it done which leads to me getting stressed and overwhelmed and then I get cranky. Nobody wants that ;) So when I stumbled on this quote last week it really made me feel better because it's impossible to do everything. I mean I know that but a reminder never hurts. It doesn't matter how minor or lofty your goals or to-do list is, it's almost impossible to do it all. So I'm embracing the fact that I don't have to do everything and in the most dramatic sense, no one is going to die or care if I don't except myself. So accept it, do what you can, and enjoy the rest the holidays. I think that this is a good thought process as we enter 2017. Learning to prioritize better and not biting off more than you can chew. 


Around The Web

The internet is full of awesome, beautiful, and strange things; wouldn't you agree? I'm pulling my favs and sharing them with you.  I've rounded up my top loved links from stories, recipes, style, animal cuteness...basically anything and everything. Some old, some new, some you may have already seen but nonetheless something to take your mind off that daily grind.  So grab your cup of coffee or cocktail (it's never to early) and click away. Cheers.

  • {Style} J. Crew is currently having 40% off your purchase, which they rarely do. It's a great time to pick up some cozy sweaters for this cold winter. Use code HOLIDAY at checkout.

  • {Style} Back by popular demand Modern Vice is offering 50% your purchase. I'm doing my hardest to resist a new pair of boots but the deal is too good to pass up. Use code MERRY50 at check out. My favorite pair are the Jetts (worn here, here, here, & here).

  • {Mind, Body, Soul} Still trying to find time for meditation? Check out these tips that might change your mind to make it a priority.

  • {Entertaining} 'Tis the season for entertaining right? However, it can be a bit overwhelming. How about starting with a showstopping cheese & charcuterie board. That'll definitely be eye & mouth pleasing to the guests.

  • {Girls Who Shoot} If haven't read my Girl Meets Gun series than you should as it documents my first time experience shooting. Here is another great article that talks about another women's experience shooting for the firs time.

  • {This & That} My favorite podcasters, The Minimalists released a documentary earlier this year, Minimalism - A Documentary About Important Things. It's finally available on Netflix. I suggest you give it watch. It's insightful especially during this season of materialistic gift giving.