My Gun Story

One of the reasons behind starting SMT was to share my journey to possible gun ownership.  While this isn't your typical topic to write about I felt it was important for me to share.  Continue on to read more about how I came to buy my first firearm.

Growing Up With Guns

As a child growing up we had guns in the house. My Dad had a handgun, a shotgun, and even a small business selling firearms and ammunition. He would often bring me along to go skeet shooting but I never participated I only observed. What I really remember from those days is seeing the bruises on his shoulders afterwards and not understanding how the kick from the shotgun could be that powerful. At that time I really wasn't interested in learning to shoot, I considered it "boy stuff".    

I don’t ever remember guns being that big of a deal or hot of a topic like it is today.  My Dad would leave his handgun on top of the TV (before there were flat screens, haha!). I don’t know if it was loaded but knowing my Dad, I'm pretty sure it was and I didn’t really know how it worked. I was told not to touch it, so I didn't. I wasn't really curious about them either. Looking back, I realize that this was unacceptable gun safety on his part. I assumed guns were something every family had because I was never raised to see them as taboo. They were common in our house. As I entered high school my thoughts on guns didn't really change, I wasn't for or against them. I didn't even realize it was an issue where people choose sides. I remember flipping through a magazine and coming across an ad that read, "Guns don't kill people, People kill people." I cut it out and hung it on my wall.  

Starting Out

Once I graduated high school and moved out, that was it. No one I met had guns (so I think), talked about guns, or anything about the subject for that matter. Again, I don’t remember it being a big deal. The only time I would hear about them was in the news when they were being used by criminals. Guns never came up in conversation with friends or in any other venue. It was a subject that was the furthest from my mind for the most part of my adult life. Take a big fast forward to 2013, I'm now married and the husband tells me he wants to get a handgun. This came completely out of the blue. It was going to the range with a friend that spurred this new interest. The first time I went shooting with the husband it was a real reality check. My heart was pounding, my hands were clammy, and I had an overall feeling of uneasiness as guns were going off all around me. I seriously thought this was supposed to be a fun experience. It was the exact opposite. Badass I was not. Discouraged is how I felt.

My Experience

I wanted to support and embrace this new hobby of the husbands but I was off to a rough start. As I worked to overcome my initial fears the thoughts of myself owning my own gun became to take shape. However, I was still so nervous and new to this idea. What I did know was that even if I didn’t end up buying a gun I wanted to know that I was prepared to use one and could defend myself. I wanted to be responsible for my own safety. So I turned to good ol' Google to start researching and find other women like me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find many places online that were very helpful or that I could really identify with and relate to.

I couldn’t identify with the pink guns and corresponding pink accessories. I couldn't relate to the huntresses or the scantily-clad gun bunnies. I definitely couldn't relate to the outdated articles for women written mostly by men. Where were all my stylish and classy ladies? Didn't they also want to be self-reliant? I was feeling a bit frustrated by the lack of resources when I decided that if I couldn't relate to the information that was out there, then I would put it out there myself. What I came to realize is that this new passion was more about creating a lifestyle. A lifestyle I wanted to embrace and share. 


Who would've thought that when I started SMT in 2015 that the road would lead me to owning not one but two firearms. I still have so much to learn and I want to continue to train in all areas of self-reliance. 



Now that you know my story, I would love to hear yours. You can reach me through my contact pageInstagramFacebook, or Twitter.  

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