Welcome to the Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast hosted by yours truly and my badass friend, Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica. We aren’t your average gun girls and want to bring you a show that mirrors the way we live our lives. We are a lifestyle show meant to empower women to live confident, prepared, self-reliant lives. We bring guests on our show with compelling stories that will inspire and encourage you in your journey. We talk everything from our favorite beauty products to concealed carry firearms and everything in between.

We want this to be an extension of our mission and how we live our lives; self-reliant and stylish. We believe whole-heartedly that you don't have to sacrifice your style to be self-reliant and we want to encourage you to do the same. While we will be talking about firearms and self-reliance we also want to keep it light and fun. We want you to feel like you are hanging out with us but also can leave with valuable information to apply to your daily lives whether it be concealed carry tips, newest beauty trends, or other lifestyle advice. 

Your continued support of SMT and now Not Your Average Gun Girls means the world to me. I would truly love for you to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a rating/comment. Please share it with your family and friends. We want this to be a success and more importantly with the success, means we can continue to bring you more episodes, interviews, and maybe just a little bit of distraction from daily life. We plan to have episodes published every Wednesday!

What Listener's Are Saying

Empowering and Motivating!

Emily and Amy are absolutely fantastic, and I am so excited that they started this podcast! It can be overwhelming to know which direction to take and what resources/products to look for as a woman new to firearms. This podcast clearly supports women shooters to be educated, self-reliant and confident in learning the tools to defend themselves. As a school teacher, I am constantly on the go, and do not always have the time to sit in front of a computer to do research. Being able to listen to this podcast on my way to work, when I am setting up my classroom, and even when I am trying to get a quick workout in, makes learning so much easier! This podcast is for anyone looking for great resources and interviews that are relatable and realistic to defense and everyday life.

A Must Listen for All Women

"So I'm fairly new to the gun carrying life with my only trusted source: my husband and his best friend. I'm thankful for them because they know everything gun related. However, they do not know anything about carrying or handling a gun as a women. There's very few reliable and up to date resources available for the double X chromosomes crowd out there but, finally, these women are here to change that! After one episode, I'm hooked. And I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with them. T Hey discuss everything from clothing for EDC, the reasons why a women should carry, and what to carry. Not only that, they bring on credible guests to discuss training and gun lifestyle choices. They are welcoming and relatable and I can't wait to see what else they have to say." - Lisahyn

Diverse and inspirational!

"This podcast has a lot of potential. I am really pleasantly moved by the diversity of women and their stories in getting involved with the fire arms community and shooting in general. There is so much more to the Second Amendment then just an old white dude that likes to hunt. I hope to hear more stories likes these first few initial episodes." - HappyDad78

Not average, amazing!

"I love how this show highlights the strength and diveserity of women in the gun and shootings sports industries! They're tackling topics pertinent to females who carry and shoot that just don't get discussed often enough." - Cokimco

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