High-Waisted Jeans for Concealed Carry

The last days of summer are definitely over which means carrying concealed will be much easier with the extra layers that will be needed to brave the cooler weather temps. I've talked about it before and I will continue to mention it but concealed carry takes practice and experimenting. I've tried to keep with my overall style and make adjustments where I see fit in order to live a self-reliant lifestyle. I originally bought this top because I thought it would be great for concealing but after it arrived I realized it was a tad short. However, as I experimented with it some more what I found was that it was too short with my normal rise jeans, which are low-to-mid rise styles. It wasn't until I was wearing these high-waisted jeans with a different top that I had a bit of a light-bulb moment.  So I paired the top with high-waisted jeans and I was back in action so-to-speak. 

While I think a high-waisted jean is a great option for concealing, it isn't just an easy replacement to your normal jeans or so I've learned. The higher-waist means that your gun is positioned higher on your body than normal which if you don't normally carry in high-waist jeans can almost feel like you are carrying for the first time again. Sitting, walking, bending over, and most importantly drawing your gun feels a little different and requires some adjustments. Personally, I felt that sitting, walking, and bending over didn't feel as awkward since the gun sits a bit higher on the waist where you naturally bend from. However, drawing the gun from a higher position was a change. While drawing from concealment should be part of your training plan, so should drawing from concealment in different style clothes. It's easy to wear the same jeans and top to practice in but let's be real, you probably aren't wearing that same top and bottom every single day. If you are experimenting with new styles or wearing something you don't normally wear and are short on training time, take fifteen minutes before heading out to practice your draw and get comfortable with your concealment position. You'll be able to see what issues you might have and be able to make some adjustments so you can be comfortable in regards to your draw position should you have to use your weapon.

:: Concealed Carry Details ::

Gun: Glock 43 | Knife: CRKT | Belt: Rag and Bone | Holster: Black Smith Tactical

:: Outfit Details ::

Shirt: Chelsea28 via Nordstrom {similar below} | Jeans: Blank NYC {more options below} | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik {similar save}


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