Welcome to my Girl Meets Gun series that focuses on being a female gun owner. For me a big aspect of being self-reliant means having the ability to defend myself. I started this series to document my experience with firearms and ultimately decide if I was going to take the step towards gun ownership. I'm honest regarding my experiences at the range and my training. During the course of this series, I made the decision to purchase a handgun. Owning a firearm is a big responsibility and I plan to continue to tell my story of training, learning, practicing, and committing to this new lifestyle as a female gun owner. I hope to be a resource for you, to provide encouragement, to also learn from you, and share experiences and best practices along the way. I truly appreciate that you have stumbled upon Style Me Tactical and here to my #GirlMeetsGun series. As everyone has the right to bear arms, please respect my decision to bear arms, as I respect your decision if you choose not to.

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