SHOT Show 2018 Favorites

Another year, another SHOT Show in the books. This year was incredibly busy. I'm not complaining one bit but it didn't leave me or the husband much opportunity to check out all the new gear or much of the exhibits as we had in years past. In between meetings and recording the new podcast the days on the SHOT Show floor went quick. It's always a great time to catch up with your social media friends that you often only see this time each year, finally meet the ones you've been trying to meet for years (I'm talking to you Bree), and meet some new friends. The days tend to start early and the nights end later and later as the week goes on. I'm finally caught up on rest and finally getting this post completed. 

For the booths I did make it too, I want share some of my the items that caught my attention this year.

{ Sig Sauer We The People P938 | Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP | Kimber Micro Crimson Carry .380 ACP }

I'm really loving the We The People variant that Sig Sauer is doing.  I first saw this on their 1911 and now they are expanding into other models.  The distressed finish, engravings on the slide, and the aluminum grips with 50 stars makes for just a great piece.  

Springfield Armory has entered the .380 game with their 9-1-1 .380.  This compact pistol felt great in my hand and had an oversized safety for easy manipulation under stress.  Of course, the OD green grips were a nice accent. You can hear more about this gun in the video below.

The Kimber Micro in .380 is another great option for concealed carry.  I've always saw Kimber as a 1911 maker so I never paid much attention, but that changed when I got this .380 in my hands.  This version is the Micro Crimson Carry which has a built in Crimson Trace lasergrips. 

{ Sig Sauer P365 | Springfield Armory XDE | Sig Sauer Black Pearl P238 }

You probably have heard of Sig Sauer's P365 by now.  The big selling point on this pistol is that it has a 10 round capacity in 9mm.  With a 10 +1 capacity, that is a lot of stopping power in a subcompact pistol.

Springfield Armory's XDE is just an inch wide and has an easy to rack slide.  If you prefer hammer fired pistols then take a look at this one. 

The Sig Sauer P238 Micro Compact Black Pearl is absolutely beautiful. This is definitely a work of art. The engravings on the nitron slide and the black pearlescent grips make this stand out.  I'm pretty sure I need this one especially since it will match my black manicures perfectly.

{ Heckler & Koch SP5K | Sig Sauer MCX Virtus

You can't go to SHOT without giving some of big guns a look. While they can seem a bit intimidating, I'm sure they would be so much fun to take out to the desert and shoot. Unfortunately for me and living in DC, I'll only get a chance to shoot this when I'm visiting ranges or friends that have these since I can't own any of these myself.  But it never hurts to look, right?!

While SHOT Show has it's fair share of guns there are also many other things to see. I always try to make it point to see what other non-lethal self-defense are on the market or that are about to get released. There were a few things that I thought were great items such as a desk style calendar that has a bullet-proof back with handles that you could use as a shield. This would be something great for teachers, your office, or even your home. There were slip-on on fingerless gloves that can hold pepper spray, which would be great for running, hiking, or walking.  I also saw this slim SureFire flashlight that I fell in love with. While it's not tactical in the sense that it's plastic and doesn't have any beveled ends that can be used for striking, it's slim and narrow in design. Most of the every day carry flashlights, are round. I love the design because this one slipped right into my pocket without creating a round bulge. It is 650 lumens, micro-usb rechargeable, has three levels as well as as strobe. I would totally recommend this as a beginner carry flashlight. I'm not sure when this light comes out. It's not currently featured on SureFire's site.

I stopped by the 5.11 Tactical booth to see what they had new and let me tell you, I am super excited about what there new Fall gear and their women's line. It's all super cute. I'm hooked on this bomber and this cute wrap jacket.  Obviously I had stop by and see my favorite holster brand, StealthGear USA. I've been wanted to check out their EDC belt and while it's definitely more casual that I typically wear, I love how comfortable it was.

I decided to put together a small recap from my Instagram stories I posted during SHOT. It highlights many of the items in this post, while it's not going to win me any awards in film making, you can catch up on what you might have missed below. And if you feel like it, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel because at some point, there will be more videos coming ;)

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