Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen

A couple months ago I mentioned that I use Vital Proteins in my coffee and you guys were super interested in that and asked if I could write a post about it so here we are. For the past two years or so I’ve been using collagen from different brands. I originally began using it as a supplement to promote a healthy gut. If you didn’t’ know, I’m pretty fascinated with gut health and how it plays a huge role in the body. I’ve done a few gut cleanses, read lots of books, and learned that collagen is a great supplement for your gut. Anyway, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I started using the Vital Proteins brand. I was seeing it everywhere and decided to give it a try.

So let me break it down especially for those that are thinking "Vital what?"!

What Is Collagen?

Without getting in the science of it because, after all, I'm no scientist, it’s an amino acid which means it’s an essential building block for our bodies. It’s the main protein found in our skin, hair, nails, joints and our connective tissues. 

Why Is It Important?

As with most things, as we get older the production of collagen in our bodies decrease naturally. Because of this, our skin becomes less elastic, bones start to lose density, nails start to get brittle, and hairs become frail. Additionally, because our guts need collagen to help with digestion our intestinal wall becomes thin and weak. This is why adding it to our diets is important so we can help rebuild our body from within.

Why Should You Take Collagen Supplements?

As part of my diet, I started taking collagen as a supplement originally to maintain good gut health but have since seen the other benefits from taking it daily. 

Hair/Skin/Nails: I know you ladies have heard about how our skin loses elasticity as we age and unfortunately wrinkles start to make their debut. For years, women have turned to using cosmetic procedures to boost collagen production in their face. However, now with Vital Proteins collagen we can build that glow from the inside out. Not only does our skin lose elasticity over time but our nails become brittle and hair becomes dull. Collagen can help us build strong nails, hair, and also helps to keep skin clear and reduce the look of wrinkles. I know some women say that a collagen supplement has completely changed their skin, hair, and nails for the better. While personally, I didn’t notice a drastic change I did notice a change. My nails are stronger, hair seems healthier, and my skin doesn’t look as dull. 

Joint Health: Collagen helps to reduce inflammation, strengthens your joints and ligaments, and also acts as a lubricant for your joints. So as we get older and our cartilage weakens, collage can help to slow this down and reduce stiff and achy joints.

Gut Health: If you don’t know this, the gut is your second brain. I strongly believe that most ailments start with the gut. So if you get your gut health in check, you’ll be good to go. Collagen is in the guts connective tissue and lining and taking a collagen supplement helps to repair the intestinal wall which will help aid in better digestion and prevent particles from passing into your bloodstream.

How I Use It?

This is why I have really been loving the Vital Proteins because it's a powder supplement so it dissolves into hot or cold liquids. I specifically use the blue canister which I believe this might be the original. It's the regular unflavored Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I religiously add it to my coffee daily. I know you might thinking that is gross but it's unflavored and tasteless. It doesn’t turn gross in the coffee. Meaning it actually fully dissolves even without mixing it in. It’s oddly satisfying watching it dissolve into my coffee. It doesn’t leave any residue or clump. I will say though that when I add to my lattes at coffee shops it doesn’t dissolve as well and I need to stir it. Not sure if this because there is foam on top but it's something I've picked up on. So add it to your coffee before you add any creamer.

I also use the to-go packet version of my blue container as I love them for traveling and I also use the Vital Proteins Collage Creamer packets. I love the creamer packets for traveling when I know the coffee might not be the greatest. I'll get my supplement and a non-dairy creamer that will help make that coffee go down.

Since it's soluble in both hot and cold liquids, it's the perfect addition to smoothies. If other people in your family love their daily smoothies, this is a great way to also have them get their collagen supplement in. The husband doesn’t really drink coffee but I want him to have the benefits so I’ll add it to our smoothies. You can basically add it to any liquid and I've even seen where people have used them in baking. 

If you prefer just drinking water, they even make a flavored collagen you add to your water. The Vital Proteins brand makes a variety of collagen products so I would suggest checking them out and finding one that you like. I stick with the normal blue canister. 

Have I Seen Benefits?

Everyone has a different experience with supplements. For me, I don't really notice any changes when I'm actually taking them. It's when I've stopped that I begin to see they were actually doing something. I only take one serving a day but they recommend up to two servings. So I might bump it up and see what happens. Since adding this supplement to my morning coffee I have definitely noticed that my nails are breaking less, my hair appears healthier, and my skin looks clear. Not so much in terms of breakouts but the skin itself looks vibrant. 

Do you guys take a collagen supplement? If so, which one and how do you like it?


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