Why Having Confidence in Your Holster is Important

I would like to think that I was on top of my style game when I chose to wear this sweater and this holster but I wasn’t. I didn’t realize I was unintentionally matching until I was editing these photos, which is fine by me. I’m totally into it and now the wheels are turning that I need a holster in every color. Granted, I have holsters in all the basic colors I wear…black, grey, and olive green. But seriously, I don’t need any more holsters unless I get a new gun. I definitely have tried my fair share of holsters from different brands and those all just sit in a box. I’ll sometimes try them out again thinking maybe they’ll be different or my thoughts on how it feels will be different but typically it’s not. I always go back to my tried and true. There are really only two (non-soft) holster brands I wear regularly and that’s the one I have on here from Blacksmith Tactical and the others is from StealthGearUSA. The very first holster that I bought I didn’t like. It’s at the bottom of the box and that’s where it will stay. Luckily, I found StealthGearUSA and Blacksmith Tactical because they were both very Cinderella moments for me. As soon as I tried them on they fit, felt good, and so I didn’t feel a need to look elsewhere. If it ain’t broke right?!

I think it’s important when you start carrying and entering this lifestyle that you look for consistency. Yes, it’s important to test out different holsters so you know what works but once you find the ones that do then only change if you need. You don’t want to add any unexpected variables with a new holster that you haven’t trained with or are comfortable with should you need to draw your firearm. I’m confident in the holsters I repeatedly wear because I do train with them and use them regularly.

In all fairness, I did just buy a new holster from another brand that I wanted to check out. It hasn’t arrived yet but if I like it, I’m sure it’ll make it’s way on here.

— Concealed Carry Tip —

When it comes to holsters (and your firearm), it’s all about what is comfortable for you and what you like. I can give you all the reasons why you should choose a specific brand of holster and why I love it but you won’t really know until you try it out for yourself and put it to daily use. I personally have my go-to holsters for each firearm. I’ve used and lived in them and I’ve come to know how each one wears, works with my wardrobe, and lifestyle. However, that didn’t come overnight. That took months of wear, use, and trial and error. Concealed carrying is a game of patience. There isn’t a one-size fits all firearm, just like there isn’t a one-size fits all holster. Just like your firearm, this ends up being an extension of your person so all that matters is that it works for you.

As always, I’m here to help you make an informed decision and provide guidance based on my experience when it comes to your concealed carry journey. Everyone will have their own opinion.

— Concealed Carry Details —

Self-Defense Tool: Heckler & Koch VP9SK | Holster: Blacksmith Tactical Micro Rig (use code StyleMe10 for 10% off) | Belt: Rag and Bone

— Outfit Details

Shop exact (when still available) and budget-friendly items that are similar/inspired-by pieces from this look that are less than $100.
Sweater: Treasure & Bond | Tank: Commando | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Shoes: Loeffler Randall | Bag: Proenza Schouler ‘PS1’ Satchel | Necklace: Treasure & Bond | Belt: Rag and Bone | Lipstick: Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Motorhead

{Shop Budget-Friendly Items From This Look}

Shop budget-friendly items that are similar/inspired-by pieces from this look that are less than $100.