Walker's GSM Razor Ear Protection

After hearing some of my other shooting friends talk about how much they love their Walker's GSM Razor ear muffs I decided I'd give them a try. I wantaed to see how they differed from Howard Leight Impact Sport I have been using. The sound quality is pretty amazing - it's so crisp and clear. Almost a bit too clear because I can hear the discussions of the people in the lanes next to me at the range. However, while I can clearly hear their conversations the loud sounds of the surrounding gunfire is still muted and muffled. 

I'm still wearing double-ear protection with a pair of in-ear plugs along with these ear muffs. Since I predominantly shoot at indoor ranges, I've found that the double-ear protection helps any anxiety I feel when people around me are shooting high-caliber guns. It used to really bother me but the more I get to the range I'm not as impacted by it but I also think the double-ear protection technique helps. Not to mention that hearing loss isn't something that you should take lightly so finding good ear protection should be made a priority especially if you go to the range a lot. The Walker's have a Noise Reduction Rating 23 which is comparable to my Howard Leights. 

These also feel really comfortable. The ear padding is softer and feels a bit more like a leather material versus a plastic rubber. They also fit seemlessly with Smith Optics shooting glasses. There's an audio jack option that I haven't tried yet. I've read that a few people like to listen to music while they shoot and that it helps with their concentration and blocking out their surroundings. 

They fold up to a small compact size which is great because they easily fit into any range bag and they are pretty light. I found a case from a separate manufacturer that you can get for them. I don't think it's needed but I like that it has a little pocket inside as it will be a good spot to store in-ear plugs. 


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Pistol: Heckler & Koch VP9 | Ear Muffs: Walker's GSM Razor Folding Ear Muff c/o Jade Shooting | Ear Plugs: Howard Leight

I definitely can see why so many people have raved about these and they have definitely become my go-to pair. Their is approximately a $30 price difference between the Walker's GSM Razor Ear Muffs compared to the Howard Leight Impact Sport. So while they are bit pricier I think they are worth it.

What's your go-to ear protection for shooting?

Walker GSM Ear Protection
Shooting Range Ear Protection

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