What's Inside My Shooting Range Bag

After I purchased my HKVP9, I was extremely excited and nervous. I was nervous because I knew that there was no turning back on this journey.  I would need to commit to practicing and training to ensure that I was being responsible and safe with this deadly weapon that I now owned. On the other hand, I was excited because I also got to buy some fun new accessories to go along with this new lifestyle. 

When I looked online and in stores for range bags I was so disappointed but also not really that surprised. I despised the traditional looking range bag. Boxy, utilitarian, and lacking style. Trust me when I say I looked at all the options. I also looked at range bags specifically "made for women" and I didn't like those either. They were either in a print that was not for me or wouldn't work in the function I needed it to.   

I was specifically looking for a separate bag to use only for the range and it couldn't look like a traditional range bag. Mainly because I knew I would be walking through the city with this bag and didn't want to draw any attention to it or me. Additionally, I wanted something with lots of organization pockets to store all my gear and then some. So I looked at other non-range bags options such as tote bags made for the travelling, the gym, and even some diaper bags. I knew all these items would have the organizational compartments I wanted but fit the bill of not looking like a traditional range bag.  

I finally settled on a gym style tote bag from Lululemon. It has so many organization pockets, fits all my range gear, the interior lining is a light color so I can easily spot all my gear, and best of all it came in a sweet OD green camo style print. Basically a win for me on all levels. Since there are many accessories needed for the range, I love that everything has a place. For certain items like my extra mags, I purchased some pouches from the Army surplus store. I've been using this bag for the past year and love it.  I know where everything is and where it all is suppose to go at the end of the range session.

If you struggled like I did finding a range bag that was functional and stylish, don't be afraid to look outside the traditional offerings. So long as the bag meets your needs than go ahead and use it.

what to bring to the shooting range

Lululemon Bag {no longer available; similar options here and here} | Pistol Rug for HKVP9 | Magazine Pouch from an Army surplus store | Maglula upLULU Magazine Loader {read more here} | Walker's GSM Razer Ear Muffs {read more here}| Howard Leight In-Ear Plugs | SmithOptics Elite Arc Aegis Glasses | Targets | Ammo | Notebook for range notes | Small Pouch for personal essentials like wallet, lip gloss, and range membership card

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